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WSJ: “Abramovich and two other negotiators have symptoms of poisoning.” Billionaire confirms

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according to what The Wall Street Journal Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich Ukrainian peace negotiators have suffered Symptoms of suspected poisoning After the meeting between March 3 and 4 The past that happened on the border between Ukraine and Belarus. Abramovich’s spokesperson Just confirmed the news. The BBC and other British media reported that, Abramovich – who also holds Israeli citizenship and is currently affected by British and European Union sanctions, but not by the US – has been a long-time resident, among other things as a sponsor of the Chelsea soccer team.

According to some testimonies, Abramovich and two other negotiators who moved between them Moscow, Kiev and Lviv Other negotiating places showed symptoms including red eyes, persistent and painful tearing and Peeling their facial skin and hands. The New York newspaper wrote that Then the conditions of the people involved improved And they wouldn’t be in danger to life anymore. Western experts working on the case said it was difficult to determine whether the symptoms were attributable to a chemical or biological agent or some type of radioactive attack. According to some hypotheses, the poisoning was planned by the Moscow circles who wanted to boycott the negotiations and put an end to the conflict.

There is no indication that even the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, who met Abramovich, was also affected by similar symptoms. The Wall Street Journal wrote that the Kremlin did not respond to a request for comment. Abramovich met the Russian president last Wednesday in Moscow Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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