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No loan to the Kremlin from collecting its weapons

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According to the British newspaper, “Daily Express”, the exhibition in the Kremlin is sponsored by Alisher Usmanov, the Russian oligarch who was punished by the West for his alleged ties to President Putin. The royal group initially offered to lend three swords for this event: these are 17th-century weapons, one of which is said to have belonged to King Charles I.

However, the British king just got scared winds of war, imposed a pause. “In mid-February – an official note is read from the fund collecting artworks of the royal family – a decision was made to postpone the loan of three swords from the royal collection to the Kremlin Museums in Moscow.” The Queen Elizabeth Group was one of many European organizations that were supposed to contribute to the exhibition, but they decided to Business loan withdrawal After the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Queen Elizabeth Trudeau

A blanket boycott of Queen Elizabeth, who witnessed her closeness to the Ukrainian people through her donation to the Disaster Emergency Committee, which deals with sending food and water to conflict areas. In addition, during a visit with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on March 7, the King wanted yellow and blue flowersUkrainian flag colors.

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