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“Aunt Elsa brought me back to my parents because I was a sleepwalker. I wanted to have more children »-

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to Candida morphillo

The actress who has hundreds of movies to her credit: I was a dancer, and I had no passion for acting

According to her, her life is peppered with failures, but entertaining, as well as some regrets. but after, Laura Morante has origins 100 movies as an actressa David de Donatello about
the room
from the son
by Nanni Moretti, Two films as directorAnd the short story book Written late after 60 out of humility, she nicknamed her aunt Elsa. and has two ex-husbandsplus one in the office and from each child (the two females, Eugenia Costantini and Agnes ClaisseThey are also actresses. Currently, she is a mom in the Gabriele Muccino . series
At home, everyone is fine
On Sky and just back from tour
Or Sarah, I’m Tosca
a highly desirable show, written by herself to be able to navigate a pandemic with a high-level cast and for the obsession that has reached her closed to understanding who she really is. Sarah Bernhardt, the first singer, the strangest, the furthest imaginable about her: «She was tyrannical, caustic, thirsty for fame. I read her autobiographies and thought: I hate her.”

So what prompted her? anti like it Want to tell the most show divas?

“His biography is so full of intrigues and intriguing lies that I wondered: Why is he lying? Why is she hiding? I read a lot, went over the data and thought I had found the subject of Ariadne to understand who he was. I fell in love with her by searching for her wounds and insecurities. She never knew her father, she was a daughter A prostitute, and she had two younger sisters who died. His motto was quand meme“Despite everything,” as if to say, “In any case, I am fighting.”

Is it her “in spite of everything”?

“Everyone has it, but theme A is Failure Treasure. One thing I always say to my children is: No failure, over the years, is a tragic truth, and yet the things you never dared to do will haunt you forever. Defeats are also fun, a life without defeat is a useless life.”

Tell me funny failures and regrets.

“After middle school, I dreamed of Liceo Classico, but I did not dare to take the entrance exam in Latin. That morning, my mom asked me “Where are you going?” We were many kids, eight, that doesn’t mean the parents follow everything. Half-asleep, she said to me: reject me pink rose. I was wrong and did not dare to take the exam. Instead, as a girl, wanting to be a classical dancer, I left for Rome and was rejected at the Academy. It was painful, but now I was there, I returned to contemporary dance and entered in the company of the dancers Patrizia Cerrone barefoot: I became a professional, while with the Academy I would have become the best teacher ».

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Thanks to Cerrone, he met Carmelo Bini.

“They were friends, he asked me to borrow for a show, but when Patrizia called me, Carmelo refused to let me goSo you closed me in the theatre. The iron arms cast him down. He deliberately did not pay us. He said it was an honor to work with him. I knocked on his dressing room, waved the workers’ book and sang “El pueblo unido jamás será vencido”. I also filed a union dispute with him, which I won and he brought me back the following year.”

Does he have an indomitable character because with seven brothers he either surrenders or imposes himself on us?

“Not only was this a family with many children, but we never finished lunch without three or four arriving: in this confusion, to get attention, you had to kneel and I was pathologically shy. To go to a store, my heart was pounding. Leaving home And Grosseto alone at seventeen was a formidable thing, I was closed off, I had no friends, I probably left because I knew that if I didn’t do it soon, I wouldn’t do it anymore. The first year was hopeless loneliness but I resisted despite everything.’

What education did he have?

“Father and mother were the opposite of each other: he had a sense of duty, enthusiastic about the work of a writer and journalist, and a lover of books; she had an inverted measure of values, the struggle for life did not concern her, she absolutely despised school. Had he realized that you had not gone, he would have said: Done well “.

How was the cinema, the debut with Giuseppe Bertolucci in the movie “Lost Objects” and immediately after the “Tragedy of a Silly Man” by his brother Bernardo?

“In my breaks as a dancer, I used to appear in theaters outside theaters to earn money. Giuseppe saw me and wanted to give me an audition. For years I considered myself a semi-failed dancer on loan to the cinema. In our house then are the legendary characters of writers and intellectuals, not actors ».

What is your relationship with your aunt?

“I was his favourite. When I was eleven or twelve, she wanted me to go with her to Rome, and then she brought me back, because like many children I was a sleepwalker and at night I walked and talked around the house. After a while, he decided to quit. with my family. He always quarreled with my father, and they debated for hours about ideological things and literary tastes. Like, at one time, she didn’t like Kafka whom her father was a huge fan of. In short, I slowly excluded almost the whole family, except for my brother Daniele.”

Instead Uncle Alberto Moravia?

“When I was a kid, I hardly remember him. We met when he was a film critic and I started acting. He liked talking to young people, he was curious and easier to reach than Elsa. He dated us until he died.”

In 2018, she published “Imoral Goosebumps”. Why is the book so late?

“Writing is something I have not dared to do for a long time. At home, almost everyone wrote or published and it was difficult to compare. I was deferring, I was deferring. After that, the publishing house Elisabetta Sgarby insisted for years. I ran away but he always came back to the accusation ».

What is the turning point in cinema?

“Going through the main entrance saved me from a long mess, but I was poor for a long time… I made a movie or two a year, my first daughter was born. When I had already done White With Nani Moretti, the journalist went home. The apartment was very modest, with a tattered bookcase, and an unbalanced sofa. He asked me: Excuse me, do you live like this for political reasons? ».

He once said that two-thirds of the films he made were for money. Was he exaggerating?

“Not much. When I told John Malkovich, he replied, ‘I’ll save two or three.’”

Malkovich was one of the many aliens who took him out.

“I must have made a hundred films, not many of them were released in Italy. It was beautiful, Upstairs dancer. The Spanish producer does not want me. Malkovich fought and fought, then wrote me a letter: I’m sorry, but I can’t get you. A year later, he called me and said: Come to Madrid at once for a test, maybe we can convince the producer. He got it, but he wrote in his contract that the three champions would be me, Javier Bardem and Juan Diego Boto.”

Among the many directors who directed it, including Monicelli, Salvatores, Placido, Avati, Virzì and Luchetti, who taught you the most?

“Bad films learn more: A good act in a good film is relatively easy, and vice versa, it is very difficult. The most suitable film for me is hearts By Alain Resnais, it was like a parallel world that I didn’t want to leave.”

She made many comedies, “August Holidays”, “Turn”, “Love Is Eternal As Long”, “Bob and Mary”… But we always think of her as a dramatic actress, why?

“I don’t know, maybe because of the looks. Several years ago, Monicelli told me: stop playing dramatic roles, you are a comedian, I tell you that I discovered Monica Vitti. But no one believed her. When I wrote roles I wrote her humor but when others call me me That I do what they ask.”

To the protagonist of his film “Seligin” he attributed “androphobia”. Have you had a fear of disappointing a man?

“I can’t believe it. I’ve been married twice and have a long-time partner.”

You have three children, last child adopted, how long was Laura Morant’s mother?

“Very much. On the contrary, I wanted to have more children. In my first essay in primary school I wrote: When I grow up, I want to become a dancer and have many children ».

Did the girls have any concerns about pursuing the same profession that you do?

“Eugenia, the eldest, I had to push her. I was afraid she wanted it and didn’t dare, I denied it, and it took years to get her to admit it.”

From what did he feel his calling?

“Unlike me, she’s a really cinephile, watching thousands of movies. He wrote great shorts and said he’d also be a great director. Agnese is also a musician and I’m glad they both have more arrows in the bow: the choice pick is fun but it can be vaguely insulting.” ».

Ferzan Ozpetek listed “Laura Morante Colors” among the Italian beauties. What is your relationship to time?
“If I could stop him now and then I would love that too, but you can’t. So I guess so A certain amount of wrinkles They don’t prevent me from enjoying a game of matriciana or a sunny day.”

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