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Father and son arrest –

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From Guido Olympio

The police thwarted the network built by the two men: with each shipment they could send up to two tons of hashish or cocaine.

News on the drug front. Spanish police thwarted the transport of drugs on drones. The father and son accused of plotting the plan were arrested. Unpublished or almost.

Both, residents of Castelar de la Frontera, Cádiz regionUnderwater vehicles capable of transporting large quantities of 150 to 200 kilograms. The modus operandi was only one of the components used by a network of smugglers. According to the investigators, the smugglers also studied vehicles with hiding places intended for movement along the known “corridors” of roads to the north and on the axis leading to France.

Also in Spain, about a year ago, a semi-submersible boat was recognized, developed by a shipyard in Northern Europe, and then sent by truck to Algeciras. The customers’ idea was to use it to transport coca or hashish from Morocco.

In 2018, a US federal investigation led to the indictment of a Detroit businessman who funded the construction of an underwater drone, naming it a “torpedo.” The remote-controlled “carrier” with the drug shipment had to moor under the keel of merchant ships bound for European coasts. Once it reaches a distance of about 100 miles, it will have been unpacked and guided with the help of GPS to a predetermined point to be retrieved by a group of accomplices. The businessman, who actually lived a double life as a respected figure and aspiring criminal, died in an accident aboard an old military fighter.

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