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BTP Italia November 2028: How’s the recruitment process going

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The first day of placing the new BTP Italia closed with maturity in November 2028 with a turnover of approximately 3.18 billion euros

As usual, SoldiOnline, with constant updates, will follow the status of BTP Italia in November 2028. This is the 18th tranche since – in March 2012 – MEF launched this tool, categorized by inflation and designed explicitly for owners of savers.

The deposit period is between Monday 14 November 2022 and Thursday 17 November. First for savers, then for institutional operators.

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BTP ITALIA – Bus 18: 2nd Live Day (November 15, 2022)

8:00 am At 9:00, the submission of the eighteenth tranche of the Italian BTP program will resume. At the end of the first day, the title that ends in November 2028 is acquired Orders of nearly 3.18 billion euroscompared to 3.42 billion obtained on the first day by the Italian BTP in June 2030 laid out in June.

BTP ITALIA – 18th TRANCHE: Live Day One (November 14, 2022)

17.30 – The first day of placing the new BTP Italia ended in November 2028 with Deposit equivalent value of 3.18 billion euros. About 103 thousand contracts were concluded. In the previous June edition, orders collected on the first day of filing were around €3.42 billion, based on nearly 90,000 contracts.

16.00 The launch of the eighteenth tranche of the Italian BTP program continues at a good pace. After about seven hours of placement Orders worth €2.89 billion were received based on nearly 94,000 contracts. Meanwhile in the previous June edition, orders totaled more than 3 billion euros, from about 78,000 contracts.

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2.20 pm – In the early afternoon stages of placing BTP Italia in November 2028 Total orders reached 2.4 billion euros, based on more than 76,000 contracts. At the same time in the previous June edition, orders totaled 2.5 billion euros, with about 63,000 contracts.

13.00 – The value of BTP Italia in November 2028 exceeded the corresponding value of two billion euros. After about four hours of placement Orders worth 2.09 billion euros were received from nearly 66,000 contracts.

11.30 am The development of the eighteenth tranche of the Italian BTP program continues at a rapid pace. After about two and a half hours of placement €1.43 billion in orders received based on more than 45,000 contracts. At the same time in the previous June issue, orders totaled 1.3 billion euros from 32 thousand contracts.

10.30 am After about an hour and a half, they arrived Orders over 935 million euros from nearly 30,000 contracts. For the previous version of BTP Italia, just under 20 thousand orders arrived in the merchant’s book at the same time, worth 750 million euros.

9.30 am – Less than half an hour after the recruitment orders arrived 337 million euros based on more than 11,000 contracts . At the same time in the previous IPO in June 2022, orders amounted to 238 million euros for more than 7 thousand contracts.

9.00 amPlacement started From the eighteenth installment of BTP Italia. In the previous 17 issues, the Treasury collected about €181.1 billion from the instrument in question.

BTP ITALIA, Characteristics of the Eighteenth Number

The 18th tranche of BTP Italia, the inflation-indexed security for small savers, will have an employment period between Monday 14 November and Thursday 17 November 2022.

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The term of the installment is set at 6 years; Hence, the deadline has been set next November 2028.

The minimum guaranteed annual real coupon is 1.6%.

Still expected in loyalty reward 0.8% for those who buy at issue during the offering phase and will keep the guarantee until maturity.

BTP ITALIA version in two stages

As has already happened in some previous versions, the stock will be put on the market, through the electronic MOT platform of Borsa Italiana, in two stages:

  • the first – From Monday 14 November to Wednesday 16 November It will be reserved for individual savers. At this point, the security ISIN code is IT0005517187.
  • The second phase, which will be held on Thursday morning, November 17 only, It will be allocated to institutional investors.

For the general public, it is possible to subscribe to the instruments through the bank where the stock file is kept (via branch or home banking) or through post offices.


BTP Italy He separates his voucher every six months and the re-evaluation calculated on the cost of living.

In the past few hours, the Ministry has reported the size of the guaranteed minimum coupon, which will be equal to a net of 1.6% (to which the value of inflation will be added). A return in line with the rate of the previous tranche.

here you are Guaranteed minimum rates (net) Previous positions:

  • First tranche (March 2012): 2.45%.
  • Second tranche (June 2012): 3.55%.
  • Third tranche (October 2012): 2.55%.
  • Fourth tranche (April 2013): 2.25%.
  • Fifth tranche (November 2013): 2.15%.
  • Sixth tranche (April 2014): 1.65%.
  • Seventh tranche (October 2014): 1.15%.
  • Eighth tranche (April 2015): 0.5%.
  • Ninth tranche (April 2016): 0.4%.
  • Tenth tranche (October 2016): 0.35%.
  • Eleventh tranche (May 2017): 0.45%.
  • Twelfth tranche (November 2017): 0.25%.
  • Thirteenth tranche (May 2018): 0.4% (then adjusted to 0.55%).
  • Fourteenth tranche (November 2018): 1.45%.
  • 15th tranche (October 2019): 0.6% (then adjusted to 0.65%).
  • Sixteenth tranche (May 2020): 1.4%.
  • Seventeenth tranche (June 2022): 1.6%.

BTP ITALIA: Three previous results

BTP Italia debuted in March 2012, and in more than 10 years brought 181.1 billion euros into state coffers.

here the Previous placement results:

  • First tranche (March 2012): 7.29 billion euros.
  • The second tranche (June 2012): 1.74 billion euros.
  • Third tranche (October 2012): €18.01 billion.
  • Fourth tranche (April 2013): 17.06 billion euros.
  • Fifth tranche (November 2013): €22.27 billion.
  • Sixth tranche (April 2014): €20.56 billion.
  • Seventh tranche (October 2014): 7.51 billion euros.
  • Eighth tranche (April 2015): 9.38 billion euros.
  • Ninth tranche (April 2016): 8.01 billion euros.
  • Tenth tranche (October 2016): €5.22 billion.
  • Eleventh tranche (May 2017): 8.59 billion euros.
  • Twelfth tranche (November 2017): 7.11 billion euros.
  • Thirteenth tranche (May 2018): 7.71 billion euros.
  • 14th tranche (November 2018): 2.16 billion euros.
  • The fifteenth tranche (October 2019): 6.75 billion euros.
  • Sixteenth tranche (May 2020): €22.3 billion.
  • Seventeenth tranche (June 2022): 9.44 billion euros.

BTP ITALIA: current prices

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