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Ukraine Russia, latest war news | This is how TikTok celebrates Russian mercenaries

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News Thursday 1 December live

• The war arrived in Ukraine on 281.
• A booby-trapped parcel was delivered to the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid, and an employee was slightly injured.
• Finnish President Sully Niinisto He followed the military exercises, spent a night in tents with the soldiers, and promised to help the resistance in Kyiv.
• The United States supports the idea proposed by the European Union to establish a special court to try crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine.

08:59 – UN appeal: we need a standard package of aid for civilians

The United Nations has launched an appeal for a record allocation of funds for the coming year, as war in Ukraine and other conflicts, climate emergencies and a still-unchecked pandemic push more and more people into crisis situations and some into starvation. The United Nations’ annual Global Humanitarian Review estimated that 339 million people worldwide will need some form of emergency assistance in the next year – nearly 65 million more than one estimate a year earlier. “An incredible number and (at the same time) a depressing number,” UN aid chief Martin Griffiths told reporters in Geneva, adding that it meant “next year will be the largest humanitarian program” the world has ever seen. He stressed that if all the people who need emergency assistance were present in one country, it would be the third largest country in the world after China and India. The new estimate also shows that one in 23 people will need assistance in 2023, up from one in 95 people in 2015. (

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07:48 – 1.2 billion order from the United States for anti-missile systems

The US Army has awarded a large $1.2 billion contract to Raytheon Technologies for the production of six Nasams anti-aircraft missile systems aimed at Ukraine: the Pentagon announces this. The United States agreed to send eight NSAMS to Kyiv to help Ukrainian forces repel Russian missile and drone attacks. Ukraine received its first delivery of the two Nasams in November.

07:09 – Hundreds of videos on TikTok celebrating Russian mercenaries

1 billion views. How TikTok videos promote a group of Russian mercenaries, despite the platform’s rules banning violent content, according to an analysis by NewsGuardHundreds of videos circulating on TikTok, containing music and scenes of violence, celebrating Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group. The Wagner Group first made headlines in 2014 in eastern Ukraine, during the conflict between the military and Russian-backed separatists. Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, a staunch ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, admitted owning Wagner in September 2022, after years of denying his ties to the organization. Noted for its harshness and use of irony, Wagner’s group described itself as an orchestra, its fighters as musicians, and war as a concert. NewsGuard has identified 160 TikTok videos displaying, celebrating or alluding to acts of violence committed by the Wagner Group, 14 of which appear to show the execution of former Russian mercenary Nuzhin. According to a NewsGuard analysis, videos promoting the Wagner Group were on TikTok Viewed over a billion times. A TikTok spokesperson said: There is no place for violent or hateful content on our platform. Our Community Guidelines make it clear that we don’t allow people to use our platform to threaten, incite violence, or share attacks or insults based on nationality or other characteristics. We will take action on content that violates these policies.

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07:10 – Russia announced the invasion of 3 settlements in Donetsk

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that Moscow’s forces deployed in Ukraine took control of the settlements of Andreevka, Belogorivka and Perchi Travnya in the Donetsk region. The ministry said the fight for control of Vodiane was still going on.

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