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The first unimaginable symptom of high cholesterol: science no longer doubts!

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The first unimaginable symptoms of high cholesterol

High cholesterol causes a variety of symptoms and diseases. For this you need to know what the first symptom is and what to do to reduce it, without belittling the problem. This is what experts say on this matter.

cholesterolIn simple words, it is a fatty substance found in our body We need it for several functions. Among those They are part of the cellsAnd the installation some hormones and the Vitamin D. we’ve got good cholesterol (HDL) f bad cholesterol (LDL).

Just for bad cholesterol you have to pay close attention. If the value exceeds the norm, serious health problems can arise. There can be One of the first unimaginable symptoms of high cholesterol identified by experts. We will try to understand what readiness for immediate intervention is.

Of course, it is clear that in the presence of any, even the slightest, symptom, going to the doctor is always a good choice. The latter will be able to assess the situation, direct towards appropriate investigations and then intervene in the most appropriate way.

The first unimaginable symptom of high cholesterol: close attention to this nocturnal phenomenon

Cholesterol values To be in the norm it must be as follows:

  • Triglycerides <200 mg/dL;
  • HDL > 39 in men And the >45 in women;
  • LDL < 130 mg/dL;
  • Total cholesterol < 200 mg/dL.

These values ​​can be recognized by a file blood test without food. You have Bad cholesterol is higher than the indicated value By experts it means running gods Big stakes. Moreover, in most cases, this condition is silent and the person is not aware that they have it.

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However, there are gods Small signs, the little alarm bells that our body sends us. According to scientists often The first obvious symptom is leg cramps. Not only that, there may be different stages From pain And the Disturbance. It is possible to warn a Numbness Also who nightLike waking a person up suddenly. Here, then, is the unimaginable first symptom of high cholesterol.

Pain and discomfort in the legs can be one of the first signs of high cholesterol

Pain and discomfort in the legs can be one of the first signs of high cholesterol

If these symptoms are present, it is necessary to contact a doctor immediately to understand what they are and to intervene. The specialist will be able to explain how to lower cholesterol and what needs to be done to avoid health risks.

What causes extremely high values?

We are talking about a fatty substance if it accumulates in excess in the arteries, can prevent correct Rotation some blood. That’s why the consequences CoagulationAnd the brain attack And the Heart attack.

We remind you that it is often a silent condition that occurs due to a genetic predisposition, overweight, improper diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

What to do to lower the values

to stay healthy Lowering bad cholesterol value And the Raise good cholesterol. In addition to the indications and medications prescribed by doctors, there are some Important precautions to follow:

  • single action balanced diet like this The Mediterranean SeaWithout excess fat
  • do some Physical activity every day, even for half an hour on foot;
  • Removal The smoking and thealcohol;
  • To reduce there red meat;
  • a plus consumption fish.
To lower high cholesterol, you also need to eat a balanced diet

To lower high cholesterol, you also need to eat a balanced diet

These are methods that can lower your cholesterol, as well as being invaluable in preventing a serious health condition.

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