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Correggio (Reggio Emilia) – Heavy defeat for BDL Correggio, who loses 14-5 to Galileo Volonica The Challenge is valid for the fifth day of the Serie A1 Hockey Tournament on the rink. The race that had history only in the first half, which ended 6-3 for Tuscany: Reggio suffered constant attacks from the Maremma team even if the biancorossoblu remained in the match thanks to a previous hat-trick in service. Andrea Fantozzi (Third top scorer in the entire tournament with seven goals). Lopete’s goal 65 seconds into the second half ended the game early and there was nothing Correggio to do. Follonica with four goals Francesco Panini, three for Oscar Bonarelli, two of Marco Pagnini, network for David Panini, Didac Lopet, Andrea Montotti, Fernando Monteagle NS Federico Panini. At Correggio’s house to report the debut of the 2021/22 Serie A1 for Nicolò Salines After three participations last year, the first in the First Division Eduardo Righi and Alessio Caroli. The first goal of the season for Enrico Zocchiati was able to find a direct goal net (the goal of the moment 5-11), while it was the fourth goal of Osorio this season. Now the stoppage related to the European Championships that will take place from 15-20 November in Portugal which will see the participation of Italy: Serie A resumes on November 27, With the sixth day that will see Banque du Liban commit against Forte dei Marmi away.

Match report:

First half result: 3-6
Signs: pt: 3’22” Montigel (F), 6’51” Fantozzi (C), 7’01” Pagnini M (F), 9’09” Pagnini M (F), 15’45” Fantozzi (rig) ( C), 16’15” Banini F (rig) (F), 19’22” Fantozzi (tir.dir) (C), 20’37” Banini F (F), 22’12” Pagnini F (F) – st: 1’05” Llobet (F), 4’18” Banini F (F), 12’06” Bonarelli (F), 13’33” Banini D (F), 14’41” Bonarelli (F), 15 46′ Zucchiatti (rig) (C), 16’05” Osorio (C), 18’06” Montauti (F), 19’52” Bonarelli (F), 21’08” Banini F (F).
BDL CORREGGIO: Errico, Zucchiatti (C), Tudela, Thiel, Fantozzi – Casari, Osorio, Caroli, Righi, Salines – All. Pablo Jara.
Galileo Volonica: Barozzi, Banini F (C), Pagnini M, Banini D, Montigel – Banini F, Llobet, Bonarelli, Montauti, Irace – All. Sergio Silva.
Referee: Massimiliano Carmazi of Viareggio (LU) and Sergio Nicoletti of Castelgomberto (sixth)
note: Team errors 7-10. Blue Cards, pt: 5’28” Thiel (C), 18’38” Tudela (C) and Montigel (F), 19’22” Banini D (F) – st: 16’14” Zucchiatti (C)

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The program for the fifth day of the Serie A1 Championship 2021/22:

BDL Correggio-Galileo Follonica 5-14;
Thierry Montebello Abroker Bassano 2-2;
Why Sport Valdagno-GSH Trissino 1-3;
Sarzana-GDS Innovation Scope Impianti Forte dei Marmi 3-4;

Saturday, 8.45 pm
Ingas Vercelli – Timservescar Monza;
Edilfox Grosseto-Hp Matera;
Telea Medical Sandrigo-Amateur Wasken Lodi;

Classification: Trisino 15; Volonica 13; Forte dei Marmi 11; Lodi, Sarzana, Bassano and Grosseto 7; Freshly 6; Montebello 5 Monza 4 Correggio and Valdano 3; Sandrigo 2 Matera 0.

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