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She rescued two young girls from kidnapping. The ghoul pretended to be the father

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Chased by a maniac, two young girls are saved from kidnapping thanks to the willingness of a woman who manages to get around the ogre while waiting for the police to arrive. It all starts Sunday night in front of Tampa’s restaurant Florida. There the two girls, both under 12, were approached by 37-year-old David Daniels, unknown to them. The man, who hit them several times in the head, said he would follow them home to spot them. However, the girls got on their bikes and reached a nearby church, where they called for help from a woman who had already been alerted by the man chasing the little ones. In an effort to reassure her, Daniels said he was the father of the little girls who clearly denied: “We just moved here, we just want to see how we can help,” the 37-year-old added, carrying one of the girls around. his neck and whispered to her her ear.

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For the woman, something was clearly wrong with that relationship, but instead of facing the situation, she very subtly preferred the distraction of the 37-year-old, the time needed to seek help. “I engaged in conversation to keep him. I asked him where he came from,” said the woman, Fox 13 reports. “I don’t want any admission of it, I’m not a hero. I’ve done what I wish others would do to my children. Hillsborough County agents have arrested Daniels on fraud and abuse charges. Child treatment He is now in county jail on $104,000 bond.

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