March 25, 2023

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Ukraine latest news. Zelensky, sanctions against Lavrov’s wife and daughter. Biden attacks Republicans in Ukraine


After the arrest yesterday in Malpensa of the 40-year-old Russian businessman Artem Os, the son of the governor of Krasnoyarsk, today the hearing to certify the extradition awaits. Zelensky punishes Lavrov’s wife and daughter, while Moscow warns NATO (“we are close to direct confrontation”) and Biden attacks Republicans on the premise of “bets” in money to Ukraine.

Zelensky: Ukraine shot down 233 Iranian drones in one month
  • Kyiv, 2000 new Russian recruits arrive in Kherson region

    Up to 2,000 Russian soldiers recruited through the so-called “partial mobilization” wanted by President Vladimir Putin have arrived in the occupied territories of the Kherson region, southern Ukraine, to compensate for the losses suffered so far by the Moscow army and to reinforce the units deployed there. first place. This was stated by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in its daily report published this morning on Facebook, Ukrinform reported. According to the report, “according to the available information, up to 2,000 mobilized Russian soldiers arrived in the temporarily captured lands in the Kherson region to compensate for losses and reinforce units on the line of contact.”

  • The arrest of the Russian governor, today’s hearing

    40-year-old Russian businessman Artem Os, son of the governor of Krasnoyarsk, was arrested in Malpensa at the request of the Americans. Today the hearing to certify the extradition. Zelensky punishes Lavrov’s wife and daughter. Meanwhile, Moscow warned NATO: “We are close to direct confrontation.”

  • From Zelensky’s sanctions to Lavrov’s wife and daughter

    Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky implemented the decision of the National Security and Defense Council to impose sanctions on the wife and daughter of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. According to the Ukrainian presidential document cited by the Russian news agency TASS, sanctions were imposed on Maria Alexandrovna Lavrova and Ekaterina Sergeevna Vinokurova for 10 years. The measure includes restrictions such as asset freezes and land acquisition bans. The same penalties were imposed on the son-in-law of Alexander Vinokurov, a businessman and head of the Marathon Group. Zelensky – recalls TASS – imposed sanctions on a total of 2,507 individuals and 1,374 entities in Russia, Belarus and other countries. On June 9, the Ukrainian president imposed sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin and other high-ranking officials in Moscow, including members of the government such as Lavrov.

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