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On Prime Video, the movie with Russell Crowe angered the Vatican but grossed $76 million.

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Discover the story of the film with Russell Crowe on Prime Video, which was a huge success at the box office and sparked debate and anger in the upper echelons of the Vatican.

We are accustomed to seeing Russell Crowe On the big screen in many roles that differ greatly from each other: wrestler, naval commander, gangster. But in this film The New Zealand actor managed to amaze us once again by wearing an unusual costume: that of an exorcist.

Exorcist of the Pope It is a movie that has just been released and is available on Prime Video.

Directed by julius avery, In his fourth feature film, which is a horror film inspired by the novels “says the exorcist” And “New Tales of the ExorcistBy Gabriele Amorth: Specifically, Father Amorth, who became famous in the 1980s in Italy and around the world for being the official exorcist, so to speak, of the Archdiocese of Rome.

The atmosphere of The Pope’s Exorcist is exactly what one might expect from an American villain film.

Dark settings, dark colors and clever use of special effects, ready to make the viewer jump out of their seat at any moment. Points of tension for the historianAnd exorcist“1973 directed by William Friedkin remain out of reach.

But for fans of the genre, see Russell Crowe In the unusual role of a man of deep faith, after such masterpieces as ““Gladiator” (Which I earn Oscar As Best Leading Actor) e “Master and Commander – Challenge at the Edge of the Sea“It can be an interesting experience.

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Reviews of the film have been divided between fans and critics: Top Google 66% of users expressed their approval of the film. The film also exceeded the success mark on himWhere it received 6.1/10. Completely opposite results Rotten tomatoesCritics’ tomato scale fails, even if only slightly. The Pope’s exorcist – giving it an approval rating of only 49% – while the audience score recorded a remarkable 81%, which indicates how satisfied the audience was with the Oscar winner’s performance.

The estimate was confirmed in ticket window: The film has been rewarded by live audiences and has actually surpassed the film’s global gross 76 million dollarsAgainst a relatively low production budget: $18 million. Numbers that convinced production to evaluate creating a sequel. Rumor has it that the second episode of what could become a small but ambitious epic will be scheduled for 2025.

However, some did not like the film’s success and some scattered scenes, which imposed a ban on children under 14 years of age.

We are clearly talking about the Vatican, which expressed its doubts through a statement issued by itInternational Association of Exorcists (Yes, it exists!) who defined the film’s title as “pretentious.” The Society also argued that the conspiracy plot was too fanciful and raised unacceptable doubt in the public about who was the real enemy to be fought, whether “Satan or ecclesiastical authority.” A doubt that can be easily resolved by watching the Pope’s exorcist.

What is this movie on Prime Video in detail?

The film takes place in the late 1980s between Rome and Spain, and follows the events of Father Amorth, who investigates the demonic possession of a boy.

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His journey will lead him to discover a story that the Vatican has kept secret for centuries and that dates back to the time of the Holy Inquisition. The battle with the devil will be fierce, but Father Amorth will be able to enjoy unexpected help.

Meanwhile, after solving another “possession” case that occurred in Calabria, Father Amorth was appointed chief exorcist of the Vatican by Pope John Paul IIis held by an investigative committee set up to evaluate the methods and results obtained, with the aim of abolishing the practice of exorcism which is now considered useless and outdated…

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