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War clashes in Yemen –

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to Danielle disappears, sent to Jeddah

The Shiite Houthi group struck a warehouse of Aramco (a sponsor of Formula 1), as cars were circling on the track less than 20 kilometers away. Escalation of 7 drones and one missile. Verstappen: “I smell burning, is it my car?”

GEDDA plumes of black smoke rose above the skies over Jeddah as the Formula 1 Gp Championship takes place in Saudi Arabia. Fear and tension in the ring, the second session of free practice was postponed. The drivers and team managers gathered to consider the next steps. It would cause fire Attack on Aramco warehousethe domestic oil company, launched by Al-Houthi: The Shiite group that controls Sanaa, the capital of Yemen. At the same moments on the Red Sea track, F1 singles were running, over the radio Max Verstappen warned the pits: “I can smell burning, I don’t know if it’s coming from my car or somewhere else.”

The factory is located less than 20 km from the trackOn Sunday, he had already been targeted. Amateur videos showed flames, and the Saudi authorities have not yet published information about the accident. The Aramco refinery itself was bombed last Sunday. According to the anti-Houthi coalition (led by Riyadh), they were intercepted in the past few hours 7 armed drones and a missile targeted the southern regions of the country. The White House also condemned the Houthi escalation in recent days, as Saudi Arabia received Patriot missile batteries from the United States. Aramco is the sponsor of Formula 1 and the Aston Martin team.

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The program for the next few days has not been suspended at the moment, the Formula 2 race has taken place, but as mentioned later, the second suspended free practice session has been postponed. An F1 spokesperson said he was “awaiting more information from the Saudi authorities”. The war in Yemen lasted seven years and caused hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties.

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