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TimVision, changed the price to watch football on DAZN

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© Photo by Federico Gaetano

TIM is also preparing for the new football season and, in Serie A 2022/23, will once again focus on price to attract new customers. While DAZN has unveiled a new price list that offers a base price of €29.99 per month with a standard plan and an additional plan of €39.99 per month, TIM has decided to go ahead.

TimVision until the last few days has been on the market with a football and sports offer at €0 until August 31, 2022, €19.99 per month from September 1 and for 12 months (then €29.99 per month from September 1, 2023. Now, however, he has revised the numbers Up: The football and sports show will actually cost €24.99 per month for the first six months, with the cost going up to 29.99 after the first six. Alone, along with DAZN also Mediaset’s Infinity+, seeing 12 UEFA Champions League matches, with the absence of Those matches are exclusively from Amazon, as well as the TimVision Box.

DAZN TimVision Discount Subscription – Golden Offer

Alternatively, the TimVision Gold offer is available – at a higher price: €40.99 per month for the first six months, then €45.99 per month. In this case, in addition to DAZN and Infinity, there is also Disney + and Netflix.

DAZN TimVision Discount Subscription – Offer at the same time

Will it be possible to double the offer simultaneously on DAZN? TimVision specifies: “The TIMVISION Football and Sports offer allows you to use the DAZN Service in the promotion, on a maximum of two devices at the same time, even in different places, until 31.10.2022.”

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Starting November 1, 2022, you will be able to associate a maximum of two supported devices with your account, and if you are connected to the same internet as your home, you can also use them at the same time to use the DAZN service. In all other cases, you will be able to use the DAZN service on One device, without prejudice to the right to associate a maximum of two supported devices to your account.

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