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Ferrari Roma Tailor Made, a unique tribute to Japanese culture

Ferrari Roma Tailor Made, a unique tribute to Japanese culture

Ferrari He presented a new unique model that came as a result of the department’s work Tailor made Ferrari It’s based on Ferrari Roma. This special vehicle was created with input from buyers, Evan Orensten and Josh Rubin, founders of COOL HUNTING, an independent magazine that aims to explore the latest synergies in design, culture and technology.

The car, made by the department dealing with supercar customization, has a design Inspired by traditional Japanese craft culture.

Inspired by Japanese tradition

starting idea Evan Orenstein and Josh Rubin It is the combination of inspiration and exclusive materials from Japan in the Ferrari Roma Tailor Made design. Therefore, we created this unique Ferrari Roma prototype using some exclusive materials developed with traditional Japanese techniques, but rethought to meet the essential functionality and durability requirements of a high-performance vehicle.

body color Indigo MetalIt is a tribute to the traditional Japanese indigo dye that is produced through natural processes. The same color tone was used to connect the car’s exterior and interior. Indeed, the front lining, seat inserts and floor mats are made of sakuri cloth Indigo (or indigo).

Speaking of the fabric, Maranello says it’s obtained from recycling old kimonos. To make the most of these fabrics, a certain technology has been adopted.

Two antique kimonos were originally used on Amami Oshima, an island in the southern archipelago of Japan: an indigo-dyed kimono about 75 years old and the other about 45 years old. Instead of using traditional silk or cotton wefts, kimono fabrics are woven with durable, high-strength nylon threads to ensure the indispensable longevity of the vehicle’s interior.

The interior door handles are covered in black hand-woven leather, while the transmission gate, levers and double cockpit arch are copper-plated, a homage to traditional copper tea pots. However, no changes were made to the mechanics.

This unique model will be on display until May 20 in the Ferrari Tailor Made showroom during NYC X DESIGN.


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