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Field Hockey, Introducing Butterfly Rome’s Elite Teams

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On the eve of the start of the Serie A Elite 2023 tournament, the official presentation of the Butterfly Roma HCC took place, which will be the protagonist with both the men’s and women’s teams of the highest national hockey category.

The venue for the event, which saw the participation of 5th grade classes and many fans of the Roman Club, was the comprehensive “Montessori Penny” institute. For more than 25 years, practicing field hockey has been part of the Roman School’s training project, which includes fourth and fifth grade classes. Teams are born out of children’s participation and there are many elite players who started their careers at Montessori Primary School.

The honors were made by the Principal Maria Beatrice Forlani, who, together with Butterfly President Roma Marco Grossi, welcomed the sports and political institutions present, including CONI Secretary of the Municipality of Rome II, Lorenzo Delario, and Chairman of the Special Commission – University, Jubilee, PNRR, Tourism and Major Events of the Municipality of Rome II , Ariana Camellini.

Butterfly Roma HCC, which last season won the men’s Italian Supercup and was a finalist in the Italian Cup with both selections, is a sporting excellence for the second municipality of Rome and plays its home games at the Acqua Olympic prep center “Giulio Onesti” sorrel.

A thriving youth nursery also contributes to giving prestige to the area. Suffice it to say that last season three teams (Women’s U14, U16 and Men’s U16) were crowned champions of Italy.

After the usual photos and press conference, it was the turn of a long autograph session where the male and female athletes of choice were literally besieged by the many children in attendance, who took the opportunity to ask questions and brush off all their curiosities. About hockey discipline.

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