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Canada, nurse tries to revive accident victim, discovers it’s her daughter SkyTg24

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The girl’s face was unrecognizable from the car accident injuries. Thus, the nurse who saved her, tried to keep her alive, but did not recognize that she was his daughter. This tragedy happened in a town near Alberta in Canada. Paramedic Jaime Erickson spent 20 minutes resuscitating the victim, his only daughter Montana, 17. “My worst nightmare came true,” he wrote. Twitter girl

It was only after returning home that she discovered the victim was her daughter


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Jaime Erickson, a nurse who first arrived at the scene with a colleague, saw a car crash into a truck carrying two teenagers. As firefighters attempt to extricate the bodies from the wreckage of the vehicle, Erickson notices a young woman on the passenger side. “I tried to do everything I could to keep her alive,” the woman later said. The situation is desperate. The girl’s face is disfigured. The young woman is taken by helicopter to the hospital, and the nurse returns home. Sometime later “The Paramedic receives a visit from the police who inform him that his daughter has been killed in a Montana accident. The woman goes to the hospital and discovers that the girl is trying to survive. “It’s my blood to take care of the critically injured patient I just took in,” his Facebook profile reads. A seventeen-year-old boy died three days later, while a friend and the truck driver were saved.

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