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TV series 2023 | Netflix and Amazon Prime Video compete for the best

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This new series of 2023 is eagerly awaited: between Netflix, Amazon Prime and another platform, there really is an embarrassment of choice!

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2023 is expected to be a very interesting year for movies and TV series. We kicked off this new year with the highly anticipated sequel to Gods, It’s still available in many rooms and the news doesn’t seem to end here. Soon there will be many TV series that will leave us glued to the screen. Major streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video Will present many novelties in their catalog. Let’s find out right away which addresses you really can’t miss.

The 2023 TV series you can’t miss: one is better than the other

New TV series
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One of the great things about the TV series is the fact that when we’re really passionate about the story, we can’t wait for the new season to see how the story plays out. We wait impatiently and often try to understand How will next season go? Based on small clues scattered here and there in the episodes.

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2023 is expected to be a very successful year for upcoming TV series. In particular, on Netflix The new season of “You are”. The series is actually a very touching psychological thriller based on the bestselling novel of the same name.

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The series revolves around a certain character, Joe Goldberg, who is a bookseller in New York. His love stories turn into a real obsession for him. The suspense and twists will not be missed in the fourth season. The first episode should be available on Netflix from Feb 9th.

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also Disney + He has many surprises in store for Star Wars fans. the March 1, 2023 In fact, the third and new season of “The Mandalorian”, a series freely inspired by one of the most beloved and acclaimed space epics of all time. Adventures, twists and loads of fun won’t be lost in the new season.

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Finally, come on Amazon Prime Videos Instead, in fountain This year, a new all-Italian series will be launched, namely Everyone loves diamonds.. The series will tell about one of the biggest diamond heists in world history and will bring great Italian and international actors to the screen. Kim Rossi Stewart and Rupert Everett are just some of the famous actors we’ll be seeing in this new Amazon series.

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