June 1, 2023

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“Vice Mayor Grassau told us if a space could be named after Saint John Paul II.”

Chronicle – Civitavecchia 2000 returns to claim the title Largo of Pope Wojtyla


Civitavecchia – We receive and publish – The Civitavecchia 2000 Association has always struggled to carry out the urban project that testified in the request for street titling, specifically, to Saint John Paul II, an important citizen as well as a national goal.

We put our face to it, that’s what we like to say and done with a heart. The interest which we now see on the part of other representatives of culture, in this administrative case, in relation to this question, makes us hope that the work that has been done so far and in the past three years, if the epidemic permits, has not been in vain.

That is why we ask Massimiliano Grasso, an expert, from the point of view of communication and political expression of our city, for an honest and constructive opinion on how important it is not to forget such fundamental figures of history today. Our city, country was like Karol Wojtyla.

Specifically, we would like an indication of the concrete feasibility of naming Largo San Giovanni Paolo II.

Alessandro Scotto

May 4, 2022

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