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Name, age and real story

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Presindete cooker It is a highly successful movie based on an incredible true story.

So let’s go find out the true story that inspired the movie.

Chef Chief: Conspiracy

Hortense Laborie She works as a cook at a remote research station in Antarctica. Then, flashbacks go back to four years ago, when Hortense, who lives and works on her truffle farm in Périgord, was chosen to be the French President’s private chef.

Having been briefed on the strict protocol; She was told that the President loves to cook at home and so Hortense starts with simple but upscale recipes. The empty plates sent back to the kitchen convince her that she’s on the right track.

Only a few days later, the chief receives her at a private meeting; In which he reveals that he is tired of the palace kitchen and asks her to bring “the best of France” to the table. Hortense was conquered by the boss and from that moment on she cooks with greater dedication and precision, in search of old-fashioned recipes and the best ingredients.

The boss is happy that the food brings him back to his old childhood memories and he quickly builds a personal and direct relationship with Hortense. But the president’s preference and his rude style and protocol attract the envy of the chef who runs the central kitchen in Hortense. She is even called “Madame de Barry” behind her.

When doctors prescribe a low-fat diet for the president and the administration’s new chief criticizes the exorbitant costs of his kitchen, Hortense plunges into crisis.

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The Chief’s Cook: A True Story

In fact chief cook has not been called Hortense Laborie But Danielle Delbusch. In fact, between 88 and 89 she was the personal chef of François Mitterrand.

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