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village. 15 thousand euros for a multifunctional space in the youth center

village.  15 thousand euros for a multifunctional space in the youth center
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One for all, all for one”: this is the title of the project, which sees the municipality of Borgo San Lorenzo together with the Romanelli and Brucchi Foundation and the Mugello Youth Center. A tripartite project for regional calls was presented through the Health Assembly.

This will save 15 thousand euros to activate a multidisciplinary room with special furniture designed for extracurricular laboratory activities.

The institution will provide for free the already partially adapted premises, making it possible to revitalize the service that is lacking in the bourgeois area.

Mugello associations will be able to activate multidisciplinary workshops that will see the participation of children with and without disabilities; Initiation of educational courses for personal autonomy for children with difficulties; Develop interpersonal skills, and implement communication skills in everyday contexts.

“It represents an important goal for this administration – explained Vice Mayor Cristina Pecchi and Social Affairs Counsellor Carlotta Tai – an opportunity that was missed and which has found a home in the Don Francesco delicacy and the President of the Romanelli and Bruschi Foundation, Giovanni Bagiardi. A project, we also thank municipality advisor Caterina Santelli, for which It stems from the desire to pursue the trend of including all persons who have in many cases been excluded from extracurricular activities due to illnesses or other problems”

“We are very happy that this project can be realized – confirmed Giovanni Bagiardi and Don Francesco -. The need to allocate space inside the youth center arose from a meeting with some parents of the Il Delfino Association who expressed the unease they experienced during the closure as well as the need for the children to remain in An environment in which they can be., in itself, an inclusive place A place to play, eat pizza or simply participate in the initiatives planned by the many associations that frequent the Center throughout the year With the advice of the Foundation and the Center, we immediately set ourselves up, to follow this initiative , our legal aims to help adolescent children, with special reference to the most vulnerable children. We are also very happy, and we thank Christina, Katerina and Carlotta, for this collaboration with the municipality, for not taking for granted the activity and social potential of the Youth Center for many years, even if it was The problems of maintaining space are many. We always say that everyone, they conclude, must feel to some extent the custodian of this space, whether those who manage it, or the youth, or the associations (more than twenty) who feat of activity there, our officials. Full speed ahead! “.


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