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Resident Evil, an ever-expanding franchise | Cinema

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For anyone who grew up playing video games in the ’90s, vampire It is without a doubt one of the most important perks. It was released in 1996 on PlayStation. The work created by Shinji Mikami and Tokuro Fujiwara is survival horror which sees the heroes locked in a villa inhabited by zombies and other monstrous creatures. in A mixture of horror and excitementHowever, the plot of this first chapter is just the beginning of a path that will be covered extensively in the following years.

vampireIn fact, it has not only spawned countless video game sequels, prequels and spin-offs, but also numerous cross-media works. Works ranging from blockbusters with Milla Jovovich to Netflix TV series. Despite Capcom’s commitment to spreading its brand as widely as possible, many of these business operations have failed to win over fans around the world. Perhaps this is due to the inability to understand the true essence of the franchise. A franchise that carries the spirit of a B-Movie, but often takes itself too seriously. A solid franchise for its risky directing choices and iconic character design.

New edition available from March 24th Resident Evil 4a title released in 2005 that is of fundamental importance to the language of video games. For the occasion, we decided to take a trip through the media, to understand what products to redeem if you are hungry for T.

Resident Evil, the immortal saga

Let’s start, as it should, from the very beginning. video games vampire They have a tremendous ability to adapt to survive. An ability that has allowed authors to tweak the franchise, tweaking it to their liking over time, but (almost) always finding the right balance and leaving the audience speechless.

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The first chapters of the series benefit from a fixed camera shot, which is cinematic and is able to build up tension during the exploration sections. Starting with the above Resident Evil 4However, the shot is placed behind the player’s back, giving life to him New way to visualize TPS (Third Person Shooter). After an interesting (but criticized) multiplayer interlude, Capcom’s saga throws itself into the realm of first-person shooters. vampire 7 f vampire Village, two excellent chapters that also take advantage of the massive potential of PlayStation VR to create an immersive experience to say the least.

Over time, the epic may have lost a little the identity that initially marked it, but it has managed to continually reinvent itself. This still allows us to recommend the purchase to all those who love survival horror. Every chapter, even the worst, still has a spark of quality shining through within it. Small details that make the whole world understand why the Capcom brand is so successful.


Zombies by Paul W. Anderson

Since 2002, director Paul W. S. Anderson has directed (and frequently directed) six films based on the franchise. vampire. Movies starring Alice, an unreleased character played by Milla Jovovich, supported by the ensemble cast that made the Capcom saga famous.

The first film is a showcase of how Anderson initially understood the ethos of the franchise. Sure, there was a bit of variety in the creatures and the atmosphere wasn’t quite like that of the original game, but the B-Movie mood was there and the movie took itself very seriously. However, it is unfortunate that as the various episodes progressed the situation deteriorated, allowing various films to embrace their sordid spirit, forgetting about the horror element and getting closer, in some ways, to the superhero genre. A choice that was accepted by the public, who even followed the saga vampire: The Final Chapter, released in January 2017.

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Death Island

between replay and animation

In 2021, Capcom tries again. Directed by Johannes Roberts, vampire: Welcome to Raccoon City’s attempt to adapt the events of the first three video games. Despite having a mood much closer to the original material, the plot fails to describe the characters and The end result did not meet expectations. A similar feeling as when watching the TV series also produced by Netflix, which garnered so many negative reviews that it was canceled shortly after the release of the first season.

Displaced by this ups and downs of the horror saga, fans can only turn to CG-animated films. Movies that perfectly reflect the spirit of vampire And that we advise you to recover if you are looking for a story not only in the continuity of video games, but also an interesting one in terms of world building. Degeneration, Damnation, and Vendetta are three feature films not to be missed, while on Netflix you can also find Infinite Darkness, a four-episode series that was clearly a movie, but then found a new dimension. In the latter case, however, it is a mediocre work, with a watered-down pace and lackluster narrative. Nothing really essential.

Finally, we point out the imminent arrival of vampire: Dead Island, a new feature film that will see Leon Kennedy team up with Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine to deal with the spread of a new virus within the island of Alcatraz.


Terror between the pages of books

if you like to read, vampire He certainly did not stop at audiovisual works. Over time, many comics and novels have appeared, most of them also published in Italy. Specifically, it is possible to recover a large volume containing stories produced in the American format in the 1990s and several manga published by Panini Comics. These are modest productions, but they undoubtedly boast some strengths. vampire: Marhawa Desire e vampire: Heavenly Island, in particular, are two very good series that blend a good story with really inspiring graphics.

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Different words for novels that are adapted into different video games. Written by Stephani Danielle Perry, the seven books convey the same atmosphere from the original saga and are a true must-have for all fans of the franchise. The books were initially published by Urania (with the exception of the seventh book), then re-released on the market with a new translation and a new graphic format.

as you see, vampire It is certainly not a “simple” series of video games. Over the years there have been many permutations, some worth more than others. While we’re waiting for a new virtual cinematic reboot, we’ll just have to enjoy the animated movies, hoping that a new wave of content can shed light on the series once again. The series, due to its fantastic fourth chapter remake, appears to be more alive today than ever before.

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