Home science The Abba Wall in Cernusco sul Naviglio was demolished to make way for the new nursery school

The Abba Wall in Cernusco sul Naviglio was demolished to make way for the new nursery school

The Abba Wall in Cernusco sul Naviglio was demolished to make way for the new nursery school

The wall built by the municipality Cernusco Sol Naviglio has been allocated to Abba There is no more. Yesterday, Tuesday 11/14/2023, bulldozers demolished it to make way for the new arboretum on Don Milani Street. So the students of the Municipal Council for Boys and Girls and the youth of Kaj Laberinto went to the construction site to take a piece of memory. Waiting for new construction.

New nursery

The current green area that includes the skate park on Via Sant’Ambrogio is Which was chosen to accommodate the new structure dedicated to the early childhood stage. Therefore, as works commenced, both the skate park and tennis practice wall had to be removed.

The ski trail equipment will be reassembled at nearby Peace Park. The second had a different fate, as murals dedicated to Abba and Willie, two young men destroyed by racist violence, were painted. Abba in particular was a boy who grew up in Cernusco and attended CAG School.

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Abba and Willie

Abdul William Jabr, known as Abba, 19 years old, originally from Burkina Faso, grew up in the city. On September 14, 2008, he was beaten to death by the bar owner and his son. This is their reaction after a box of cookies was stolen. The attackers were finally sentenced to 15 years and 4 months in prison.

The city was shocked by the barbaric crime and so a mural was dedicated to Appa near Kaag. When a similar tragedy was repeated in another part of Italy, the fresco dedicated to Willie was also added.

Willy Montero DuarteHe was 21 years old. He is the young Italian Capoveridi who was beaten to death at the beginning of September 2021 in Collefero (Rome). His mistake was that he tried to defend a friend and try to separate him from his attackers to restore calm.

Public works consultant Alessandro Galbiati explained that the murals will be reconstructed But it will no longer be a dedicated tennis training wall, but instead a new location can be found.


The murals were co-created by the nearby Levi Montalcini Comprehensive Institute and CAG. For this reason, today Director Margarita Serra and some teachers who accompanied the group of Ccrr students intervened. A CAG representative was also present, Matteo SourisWith some men. So this is the last one.

I remember Abba very well. He lived here. When he was killed we organized a big demonstration in Piazza Unità d’Italia. “We all stole the cookies,” we said.

Also present at the moment of remembrance were council members Galbiati and Deborah Comito Equal opportunities.

I also know a father personally. Today, for obvious reasons, the wall has been demolished, but we do not want this symbol to die. We want to give the school representatives a piece of the wall that you will take with you to school. The same goes for the Kage. Children from the Youth Community Center will be restoring the new mural. It’s passing the baton.


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