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There’s still an Invincible Tomorrow at the top of the box office

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There’s still tomorrow It fights indomitably at the top of the box office and takes another 419 thousand euros with a stratospheric gross of 29.1. does not give up NapoleonWhich has a total revenue of 350 thousand euros and rises to 6.8 million exceeding The second nun And now the fifth best profit of the season. Stay on the platform Use the plane A total of 349 thousand euros and 1.3 million euros.

Excellent numbers for A stroke of luckWhich made €295,000 and rose to €856,000, held up well The Hunger Games – Nightingale and Serpent PeelsFor 120 thousand euros and 5.3 million performances One hundred Sundayswith another 108 thousand euros and a total of 1.5 million now. Suddenly I’m getting married at Christmas It floats in the middle of the table at €93,000 and €235,000 overall, both disappointing Diabolik – Who are you? For 68 thousand euros and 581 thousand in total Ancestors’ war With a total of €66,000 and €528,000, the surprise rounds out the top ten Homeschooling – Evil RulesFor 48 thousand euros and 376 thousand in total.

They will be in theaters on Monday, December 11th Funny games, Great determination And happy Days. On the occasion of International Mountain Day, it also returns to all UCI Cinemas Italia circuit theatres Walking pace. The masterpiece returns to theaters on the 12th Trip to Tokyo And Royal Opera House – The Nutcracker On the fourteenth, the large Christmas patrol arrived with… Ferrari, slowly, Wonka, Mr. Gardener, The pharaoh, the savage, and the princess, 20 thousand species of bees And Oh God.

Box office worldwide/USA
It was supposed to be a “quiet” weekend in America, and instead it could go down in history: The boy and the heron The film opens with $5.5 million on its first day of programming, including previews, and is aiming for a $10-12 million opening weekend, which would be double what Miyazaki’s last film did. The wind picks upIn addition to Best American Debut for a Ghibli Film.

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The top spot in the ranking is historic, because never before has an “original” (and therefore non-franchise) Japanese anime film debuted in the top ten and would be third overall after that. Pokemon: The First Movie And Dragon Ball Super: Superhero. It was also a long time ago The Princess and the Frog That a mostly 2D film didn’t make sense, in short, Miyazaki-san made cinema history once again. while Godzilla minus one He keeps grinding out takeovers, and collapses unexpectedly Renaissance: A Beyoncé FilmWhich lost 74% compared to its first week of appearance.

Always fun The Hunger Games – Nightingale and Serpent Peels, which went much better than expected. Crazy average room, as expected, for Poor creatureswho debuted with $623,000 and averaged nearly $70,000, the third best player of the following year. Asteroid cityAl-Zaim in 142 thousand AH Boo is afraid With 80 thousand.
Box office in Italy on Saturday, December 9, 2023
1. There’s still tomorrow: 419,047 euros
2. Napoleon: 350,814 euros
3. Use the plane: 349,903 euros
4. A stroke of luck – a reversal of chance: 295,743 euros
5. The Hunger Games – Nightingale and Serpent Peels: 120,965 euros
6. One hundred Sundays: 108,237 euros
7. Suddenly I’m getting married at Christmas: 93,195 euros
8. Diabolik – Who are you?: 68,427 euros
9. Ancestors’ war: 66,174 euros
10. Homeschooling – Evil Rules: 48,298 euros

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