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#Together for the Territory: Enofood culture and science on the side of the forgotten

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# Together for the land

Fico Equines. What do you do to combine the joy of food with health and fitness? This was explained by the #InsiemeperilTerritorio experts, at the Solidarity Purposes Roundtable, organized by the Charity Excellence team, and founded and led by professional food journalist, Teresa Lucianelli. Charity training consists of chefs and producers, especially in the food sector, information professionals, communication workers, health and nutrition professionals, representatives of the arts, fashion, culture, etc. The expert is also the creator of the successful Travel Food and Wine, Artistic, Cultural and Scientific Review, also called #InsiemeperilTerritorio, of which Meetings is a part. Specialists talked about ways to protect the waist and hips, to restore the shape lost due to rural specialties and sweets. They discussed the nutritional properties of the most important winter dishes in Campania, and then focused on water, especially for health; On natural and those processed in different ways. They shed light on increasingly widespread purification methods and above all on purification systems – with filters, salts, and so on. With their limitations, not always clear – and on the latest generation, effective and safe activating agents – still not widespread, but optimal in terms of health and costs – for their characteristics and in the differences between the different systems available on the market. The result was a comprehensive overview useful for guiding oneself into the jungle of proposals for making tap water better and for identifying optimal options in this regard. The round table is part of the cycle of initiatives promoted by #InsiemeperilTerritorio, which aims to spread an objective and correct enofood culture with special reference to the protection of health, and at the same time aims to support the most vulnerable, ensuring the provision of basic commodities, first of all hot food and clothing . With Teresa Lucianelli, they are part of organizing the various appointments of #InsiemeperilTerritorio, which are part of a charitable initiative still in progress: Giuseppe Vitello and Licia Sorrentino, dynamic sponsors of “Ma che Bontà”; Paola Fiorentino, Regent of the Peace of Assisi, Lady of Lourdes and Knight of Malta, Face of Mediaset; Gregorio Castellano, computer scientist and audiophile, are among the most supportive volunteers present; Eliana Mandell, naturopathic doctor and well-established health and beauty expert. To enhance meeting, prof skills. Rosalia Ciorciaro and Antonio Vitali. They both captured the attention of everyone present. Interest and interest from the audience in relation to the topics covered. the teacher. Rosalia Ciorciaro, nutritionist and food hydrologist, spoke about water. Orthopedist Antonio Vitali has taken a tour of ways the muscular system protects his orthopedic heritage, focusing on the most recent on the subject. He highlighted the importance of eating healthy food and a diet that slows down the ravages of time, especially those exacerbated by excessive intake of carbohydrates and fats. He also recommended proper and continuous physical activity, even through simple exercises. Ciociaro and Vitale discussed the advantages and limitations from a nutritional point of view of the Campania dishes most common in the winter months, also referring to the conclusions of the previous meeting devoted to the secular dishes of the Christmas holidays. Strong public interest in compensatory diets that are proven effective and suitable for physical fitness protection. First of all, “avoid excesses, piling up, and indiscriminate addition to dishes.” Balance and common sense are needed to counteract the effects of the accumulation of fat cells caused by temptations, both savory and sweet, that are often on the table in the cold months and ordering the body on time to eat foods that are particularly caloric, which, on the contrary, do not arouse a particular appeal. In the summer already, they are often avoided. A set of table with all that is to be consumed, dishes well planted and hot: this promotes a sense of self-care and satiety, acting by sight on the brain, even earlier than that on the stomach. Also: watch out for salt and seasoning. Among the recommendations is the moderate use of spices that make bad foods more appetizing. An important reference, among events, to the evening gown capsule by Psico Paris with the presentation of the precious essence of Jnferno, in black and white versions, curated by Titi Petrucci, translated by Natascia Amaro; International Creative Director of Poetry in Naples/Canada, Claudio DiMartino. Positive reviews both for the exhibition of figurative work on canvas and recycled paintings by Neapolitan Ambrogio Bosco, and for the beautiful display of semi-precious jewelry by Luce Gioielli, by Lucia Varrella. Once again, the consensus referendum was marked, as in previous editions, by the usual charity event #InsiemeperilTerritorio, with dinner / show, again hosted by “Ma che Bontà”, dedicated to the celebration of orphaned children, victims of life’s tragedies, from war zones, in the AbitiAmo project, led by Father Massimo Ghezzi with his volunteers. He took all positions, both internal and external, from Ma che Bontà, including even those at the counter. The heroes of the show were greeted with a special dinner based on fresh local fish, fine local produce, famous artists and famous chefs. On stage: Maria S. Movchan, International Opera Singer (Russia, China and Central Europe); Gennaro Di Crescenzo, with his tender melodies; Traditionally, Rosaria Scaglione with the Napoli Allegra, together with the duo Salvatore Colacici and Jose Di Bonetto, in the piano bar; For Neapolitan classical music, the excellent teachers Antonio Vitali and the excellent Luca Alluca with his guitar. A stage show by Angelo Iannelli, beloved Pulcinella and ambassador of smiles. To introduce her, good TV presenter Magda Mancuso. The participation of Giada Cinquegrana, Miss Italy Grand Finale, who reached the finals of the World Cup in Indonesia, accompanied by the manager Franco Capasso. Ph & video by Barrasso Art .. in ovens and stoves. Starring Fomenico Iavarone, Josè Tenuta Guerra, Torre del Greco; World Champion Pizza by Meter Michel Como, Cerasè, Vico Equense; Giuseppe Vitello who opened his kitchen to fellow distinguished chefs: Antonio Arfè, Antica Gastronomia Arfè 1870, Naples; Luigi Barone, Executive Director Villa Diamante, Naples; Vincenzo Tobi, Amor Mio, Brosciano; Luigi Castaldo Tocillo, Ohibi, Palma Campagna; Angelo and Lino Ranieri, Toto Sabor, Napoli; But oh my goodness, Sejanus. Gennaro Gallotafiore, Flavors of Naples, NOLA; Loredana Errichiello, Tratto Bianco, Santa Maria a Vico; Paolo Iovino, Antonio Romano, Casale del Piano, and Piemonte. Giovanna Baiano, Renato Liccardo, Susio Cimino, Pasticaria Baiano, Marano Napoli. Accompanied by DOC wines, ancestral Falanghina method and sweet red wines, Cantine Castaldo Tocillo, by Carmine Castaldo Tocillo San Gennaro Vesuviano; Fiano and Greco di Tovo, Cantine Mediterranee, by Vincenzo Napolitano, Naples; citrus cocktail “Ma che Bontà”; Campania IGP still and sparkling wine. Exceptional coordination of food and beverages, by manager Isacco Bifulco, on top of important sites for national and foreign receptions. The #InsiemeperilTerritorio charity meetings are followed by Rai, Campania Felix, Freelance TV, Televomero, Clubeconomy TV and Positanonews. Eduardo TV, Capri Event; By the specialized and widely circulated press, and among the audience, representatives of the entertainment, Enofood, entrepreneurship, arts, science and culture sectors. The targeted selection of the host venue contributed to the success of the various dates. In Seiano, an ancient village of Vico Equense, “Ma che Bontà”, by Giuseppe Vitiello and Licia Sorrentino is among the most unique and welcoming as well as panoramic sites on the Sorrento Amalfi Coast. Recently, it, in addition to the excellent restaurant and bar offer, is in high demand for meetings in the scientific, cultural and artistic fields. It is located in an excellent natural location, among the greenery of plants, abundant crops, and the blue of the sea adorned by fresh water springs. The location is also excellent and strategic for transport as it is a few steps from the Circumvesuviana station in Seiano and the tunnel that leads from Castellammare to Sorrento and Positano.

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