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Città della Scienza, a successful weekend with laboratories and a planetarium

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The first Christmas weekend at Città della Scienza got off to a good start. The program is full of activities proposed from 8 to 11 December, under the banner of exhibitions and workshops on science, games and imagination, thanks to the modeling clay of Pongo and the stories of its famous mascot, Mr. Pongo, record large numbers of visitors come: hundreds of local families but also tourists from all over Italy and beyond.

It began as an experiment, or rather as a novelty in planetarium programming: at the end of the evening with the live show and screening of the documentary “Star Stuff” (by Milad Tashir), it was a complete success with a sold-out tale of the trip that visits three of the most important astronomical observatories in the world, located In the most remote corners of the planet: the Atacama Desert in Chile, the Grand Caro in South Africa, the island of La Palma, in the ocean, the Atlantico, a result achieved thanks to the support of the Naples Amateur Astronomers Union, Passione Astronomia, EUROAVIA Naples, and SEDS Unina.

Until January 8, 2023, Città della Scienza will continue to wear the colors of Christmas to bring joy and entertainment, as well as pursue the mission of spreading science and knowledge in general.

All the main workshop activities, which characterize the interactive museum’s weekend programming, will be themed around Christmas and its traditions. It will also be possible to continue visiting new temporary exhibitions: “Spazio al Futuro”, “Aquay – the future is in the ocean”, “Bonelli’s story, looking at Procida, a sea of ​​comics”.

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