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Russia deploys 3 hypersonic missile fighters in Kaliningrad. Turkish media: “Putin opens a meeting with Zelensky”

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while a group the tripartite meeting between Volodymyr ZelenskyAnd the Recep Tayyip Erdoganthe Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio GuterresThe Russia announces that he has moved to .’s profile KaliningradIn the heart of Europe between Poland and the LithuaniaThree warplanes MiG 31 Equipped Hypersonic missiles. The Ministry of Defense determines that “three MiG-31s ​​with hypersonic missiles kenzal They were transferred from the air base Chkalovsk“And they will be Alert “24 hours a day” In the event of a military escalation. A sobering ad, with the Federation ready to resort to the use of its hypersonic missiles, then already In recent months he has moved Iskandar Always in the little peg of the ground on Baltic.

movement increases tension while, instead, CNN leftwhich cites Russian sources, stating that Russian President Vladimir Putin He opened for the first time the option of meeting with Zelensky, the first since the beginning of the conflict. They say, “The leaders can first negotiate and define the roadmap to ‘end the war’, at which point the delegations can start working on the implementation of the roadmap. For his part, Erdogan said, ‘We are ready to play our role as facilitators and mediators with the aim of resuming negotiations.’” He added that he would inform Putin personally. What resulted from the conversations.

Meanwhile, from the top of Lviv, Zelensky asked about the situation in the middle Zaporizhia. After exchanging accusations between Moscow and Kiev over the responsibility for the bombing of the factory, the union requested an inspection of the factoryInternational Atomic Energy Agency (Aiea), today it’s the Ukrainian president who directly tells the UN Secretary-General that the UN should do it Structure Safety Guarantee. “Special attention has been paid to the topic Russian nuclear blackmail At the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Therefore, the United Nations must ensure the security of this strategic site, its demilitarization and the complete liberation of Russian forces, the Ukrainian president wrote on Telegram, adding that during the conversation the parties agreed to continue “coordination” on the agreement that allowed to unblock the Grain exports from Ukraine. For his part, Guterres stated that “any potential damage to Zaporizhzhia is suicide. Common sense must prevail to avoid any action that could endanger the physical integrity or safety of the nuclear plant. An agreement is urgently needed to re-establish Zaporizhzhia as a purely civilian infrastructure and to ensure the security of the region.” On the other hand, Erdogan said that he “expressed our concerns about the ongoing conflict around the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, and we do not want to live New ChernobylDuring the tripartite, an agreement was also signed between Ankara and Kiev for Infrastructure rebuilding destroyed during the war.

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Meanwhile, the Russian push eastward continues. rose to 12 dead The outcome of the Russian forces’ attack last night on a three-storey apartment building in the Saltivsky district. Kharkiv. Instead, four people were rescued from under the rubble, and rescue operations are continuing. 4 more people were killed this morning in two more attacks in eastern Ukraine.

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