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Tesla, how much does recharge cost? Bad news for electric fans

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Tesla is the absolute top in terms of electric cars, but there’s no positive news ahead of charging costs.

In terms of electric vehicle technologies, great strides are being made. Tesla, the American company led by CEO Elon muskperhaps an icon of fully electric cars, which in comparison with all its competitors has always managed to count on a seemingly small advantage, but in fact it produces great fortunes.

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In fact, on the recharging front, Tesla has always been able to rely on self-produced equipment, which has always given customers a way to save money on refilling. but, Unfortunately for the owners of these vehicles So technologically advanced, something is about to change.

In fact, like everything else in the world, the energy sector is also going through a period of upsurgeAnd all this will also affect the customers who I decided to invest in this part of the auto sector. Now we will go to see in detail what will be the most important changes in the future.

Tesla, car packaging is on the rise

From next October 8, there will be increases in the charging of Tesla cars, and in Italy, for example, it will rise from 0.49 euros per kWh to 0.66 kWh. However, it must be said that there is not only negative news in all this, as the American manufacturer has stated that not all superchargers will guarantee the same prices.

Throughout Italy, but also in the rest of the world, it will be possible to select the recharge areas via your smartphone, in order to choose where to recharge the car in a more convenient way. Of course, this is not good news for anyone who owns one Tesla Or those with such a purchase in mind, at an already very difficult time for the energy sector as well as for the automotive sector.

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In Italy, for example, there is absolutely no enthusiasm about the rhetoric about electricity, given the high purchase prices and also the general very skeptical about going green. Based on numerous surveys, in fact, the Italians argue that electricity is not the answer, because of the pollution that, however, is in no way eliminated in the stages of battery construction and disposal.

There are also other uncertainties surrounding Elon Musk’s company, related to the safety letter. In the past period, we have repeatedly heard about very important technical problems, especially in the Model S, which have caused real accidents that are very serious and potentially harmful to our health and especially the environment.

Moreover, the process of electrification of the various model ranges was very rapid, and resulted in thousands of people being fired for manufacturers. This happens a lot in America, and the situation in Italy is not much better, even if everything is in the making.

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Basically, when it comes to electric cars, not all that glitters is gold. At the moment, perfect market access for these technologies remains elusive, and there are doubts that citizens are willing to accept a complete ecological transition, especially in such a short time. The future may bring unexpected vicissitudes to the entire transportation sector.

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