Home sport Alpine Hockey League, win over the weekend for Vipiteno and Asiago – FIFA

Alpine Hockey League, win over the weekend for Vipiteno and Asiago – FIFA

Alpine Hockey League, win over the weekend for Vipiteno and Asiago – FIFA

In the only challenges this weekend played in the Alpine Hockey League, the Italian had double the success. Sterzing vs. Zell am See and Asiago vs. Feldkirch win at full stakes over the Austrian opponents. For the Broncos, it is the second victory of the week after beating Merano on Wednesday. For Asiago, this is the first success after two consecutive defeats. The Giallorossi are back on their way to the top spots in the Alps while the Broncos take 9 points out of the top six that will qualify for the main round on January 22, 2022.

Migross Supermercati Asiago finds a smile again. After two straight defeats, the Giallorossi regained three points and fourth place after 3:2 inflicted by Beymer VEU Feldkirch. After a perfectly resplendent first half, the hosts were no longer able to find clarity under Alex Caffi’s always-ready door. Thus, the Austrians return to the match with a goal in the second half and one in the third. In the end, it was a victory for the Gilorossi, but there was little risk in the final for Feldkirch who unexpectedly reopened the competition. The Alps return on Monday with a match between Kitzbühel and Vaasa.

Cameron Genetti – Alex Caffee (De Romeo)

After three consecutive away matches, With success in Vipitino and two defeats at Merano and Val di Fassa, Asiago returned to playing at home. In the Giallorossi club, always without 7 players between those who played in the U-20 World Cup and the historical absentees, There are two novelties. The first is the return of Stephen Iacobilis After a shoulder injury in the second round of the Continental Cup on October 24, in a match against Amiens in France. The other grandmother It is the debut of the 22-year-old from Asiago Tommaso Tobati, The son of the great Italian hockey legend Lucio Topatig. The new young striker is no stranger to the Alpine Hockey League having already played three seasons with Austrian EC-KAC Klagenfurt-II (16/17-17/18-18/19). Feldkirch, who in his history also boasts a European Champions Cup (European Hockey League 1998), is experiencing his worst season in the Alps this year and has been centered in the penultimate position in weeks.

Tommaso Topati in his debut with Asiago in the Alps (Di Romeo)

Asiago, as expected, gets off to a rocket start Block the opponent’s door. There are various initiatives for the Gelorossi that are bearing fruit from a distance. In the seventh comes the first goal of Vicenza. It checks preservation of the disk and sends it to the fork after the clearing of Salinetry passes. After 11 minutes Asiago doubled with a quick shot from Salinitri and Magnapusco closed it. but that is not all. 98 seconds into the first half, a great shot from Genetti’s wrist allows Asiago to close the first half with great ease with a 3:0 run.

The return of Stephen Iacobilis has been absent since last October 24

In the second half, Asiago slows down and the match becomes more balanced.. At 29 ° Salinitri could drop poker for his team, but his conclusion with a sure shot was neutralized by cautious Caffi. A few seconds later, Trastasenkov took advantage of a defensive hole but Stefano Marchetti finally saved the error. In the next powerplay, the guests fall short with a nice shot by Bernstein (30 min) from cold Falini. In the second half in the middle of the half, Asiago returned to the shields but the lack of clarity in front of the goal while Kafi was failing on some occasions.

In the third inning, Asiago plays in flashes while Kavey always plays an important role. In the last minutes Feldkirch raises his engine’s revs. After another opportunity thwarted by the European Football Association (VEU), Feldkirch fully reopened the match with a Latvian goal by Trastasenkov which made the final five minutes of the third half fiery. Despite the Austrian goalkeeper’s exit, for the extra man of movement, Asiago takes no further risks and manages to control his opponents until the last siren. The star wins fourth place and beats Salzburg in the standings and approaches the top positions. Feldkirch remains firmly in the penultimate position

Alpine Hockey League | 18.12.2021:
Migros Supermarket Asiago Hockey – Beamer Vaux Feldkirch 3:2 (3:0:0:1,0:1)
Referees: MOSCHEN, PINIE, Da Pian, Fleischmann.
Objectives 1: 0 ASH Mantenuto D. (07:40 / Marchetti M., Salinitri A. / EQ), 2: 0 ASH Magnabosco J. (11:39 / Salinitri A., Iacobellis S. / EQ), 3: 0 ASH Ginnetti C. (18:22 / Salinitri A., Iacobellis S. / PP), 3: 1 VEU Birnstill S. (29:59 / Bolterle P., Gehringer N. / PP), 3: 2 VEU Trastasenkovs A. (55:52 / Stecha T., Lebeda Y. / EQ)

In the fourth match at the new facility in Vipiteno, in just over a week, Wipptal surpassed Zell am See by 3:1. After a goalless first half, the hosts reversed the first goal in the guests’ match with two goals from veteran Markus Gander. Then in the third period, South Tyrol checked and shut down every conversation with Tobias Köffler’s safety net. The Broncos’ second successive victory at home after Wednesday against Merano. A close score to Zell am See for what he made during the match. The Alps return on Saturday with a challenge between Asiago and Feldkirch.

Photos in Martin Schaller

Bronco competitions continue unabated in the new chassis. After three matches against Serie A teams, tonight in Vipiteno there is the first game of a team outside of Brenner. The polar bears in Zell am See are the Broncos’ rivals in the only game scheduled for Friday in the Alps. After a convincing 4:1 win over Merano, the Broncos posted the same team on Thursday. Bryson Cianfroni, Paul Eisendl, Daniel Erlacher and Alex Zequito, as well as Johannes Gschnitzer and Leonhard Hassler, are always absent. The novelty is the return of Kevin Baumgartner who is divided between ICE and IHL.

A very well-balanced match at least until the middle of the first period when guests hit the throttle thanks to a double minor in Renè Deluca’s account. But let’s go in order. The first real chance comes before the third minute of play when the Salo-Colver duo wreak havoc on the Salzburger defense reacting with a massive opportunity from Kreutzer who does nothing but enhance Rabanser’s skills in goal. Christillon tries a shot. So Vipiteno is very good at resisting 4 minutes of superiority with many shots from polar bears but few of them on the big target. The first period ends with white grids.

On the other hand, the second period is richer in episodes. Zell am See tries to undermine the delicate defense of Alta Val d’Isarco but he can’t do that even in another powerplay. However, the hosts can go back to breathing superiorly in their favour as they become twice as dangerous. However, the polar bears remain in ambush and take the lead, at the opponents’ first real hesitation, with a shot from Schernthaner on the short side (31′). However, the Broncos reaction is very immediate. Gander found himself in the right place and with a shot at the intersection equaled the score (34′). The veteran himself scored a very lucky goal after 98 seconds when he bounced a stray ball towards goal. The referees are hesitant to validate the target for a suspected high stick but then the situation smiles at the Broncos. Before the second half, Hubert Berger’s shot is sure but nothing with Rabancer’s superb response. The second half rewards Vepitino 2:1 even if Zell am See has a lot to complain about.

In the third period they are played on the full path. Sterzing controls the return of the Austrians, who struggle to find a winning idea in a more than grim defense of the people of South Tyrol. Minutes pass and Vepitino is getting closer and closer to his goal. Tobias Kofler manages to make a 3:1 (55′) in a crucial moment of the match and guides the victory to the Broncos. The latter resists Zell am See’s last attack thanks to a penalty in Oberdorfer and wins the match 3:1. Vipiteno reaches the ECB in thirteenth place for the number of points. Zell am See is still in eighth place. For Sterzing, this is a huge confidence booster with a second straight win on the new ice at the Wipptal Arena.

There are two things to note about the guests. After a four-month hiatus from injury, David Rattensberger was in the squad for the first time today. Unfortunately, Esperin defender Maxi Egger had to go to the injured hospital after a few minutes in the first period. He suffered a concussion and fractured his cheekbone and nasal bone.

Alpine Hockey League | 17.12.2021
Wipptal Broncos Weihenstephan – EK Die Zeller Eisbären 3:1 (0:0, 2:1, 1:0)
Referees: PODLESNIK, VIRTA, DA Pian, Telesklav. | Spectators: 159
Objectives WSV: 1:1 Gander M. (35. Hackhofer F. – Kofler T.), 2:1 Gander M. (37. Baumgartner K. – Deluca R.), 3:1 Kofler T. (56. Salo N.) – Bernard D.)
Target EKZ: 0:1 Schernthaner J. (32. Rajala J. – Jennes C.)

Alpine regular season ranking

1 Gisenice 56 points (23 games)
2 Lustenau 50 points (24 games)
3 Renon 49 points (23 games)
4 Asiago 48 points (22 games)
5 Salzburg 46 points (28 games)
6 girdina 39 points (23 games)

7 Cortina 35 points (24 games)
8 Zell am See, 35 points (23 games)
9 Vasa 34 points (24 games)
10 mirano 32 points (23 games)
11 KFT 32 points (28 games)
12 Bregenzerwald 30 points (18 games)
13 sterilization 30 points (22 games)
14 Future Team KAC 26 points (23 games).
15 Linz 23 points (22 games)
16 Feldkirch 17 points (23 games)
17 Vienna 12 points (23 games).

Top 6 ranked in the Masters Tour at the end of the round trip between all Alpine teams

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