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Students create videos

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Theologian, Religious Journalist, and Religious Educator: This is not the first time I have met people who combine these three talents in varying proportions, as I navigate the ecclesiastical information world. Fabio Cittadini is 38 years old; He was born in Recanati but lives in Milan, where he completed his university studies and where he teaches religion at the Scientific High School “Piero Bottoni”. He collaborates with the Catholic University, with the digital newspaper “Korazym” and with Città Nuova, and last year published his latest article, “Theology of Play”, in Aracne. Since 2018 he has been editing the blog “Il tutto nel Frammento” (It’s all in the part) ( ), while on social networks with an old Facebook profile (active since 2013 ) and a more recent YouTube channel (since 2020). Blogs and Facebook appear more focused on his theological interests, while his YouTube channel is titled The Theological Mind ( ), to serve as a front for school activities: in the info he announces that he will upload videos created by his students, “because religion class can be fun and creative too”. The first five films that have been published in recent days are one and the other, on the traces of which he put me in a post neatly published in “Korazym” ( ). Professor Citadini’s delivery to sophomores was: “Create a video of three minutes maximum in which certain passages of the Bible are explained from a scientific point of view,” a question that every hour of religion should be measured. The following are the subjects in biblical order: the Pan-Flood; The Ten Plagues of Egypt. Parting of the Red Sea at the hands of Moses. “Stop it, sun!” Yeshua. Views are not YouTubers, but that wasn’t the end of it. Two videos that make use of Flipa Clip and Brush Ninja, programs for creating simple animated graphics, rather than images downloaded from the Web, seemed particularly effective to me. However, the five (Giosué’s theme was covered twice) were less than three minutes long without sacrificing content; instead of. To the credit of the students (and the professor) above all is the fact that they did not endorse particularly fanciful theses, nor put the relationship between science and faith in ideological terms. © Copyrighted Reproduction

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