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To Valco San Paolo in Honor of Great Women of Science (VIDEO)

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Rome: from today, Friday 11 November, it is possible to admire the 8 MUNICIPIO – the southern district of the capital – a great example of street art Painted on the walls of some buildings in the area in the area of ​​Falco di San Paolo. An obedient and colorful greeting to some of the great women of knowledge, Thanks to the work of Rame13, Giulia Ananìa, Martina Cips De Maina, Zara Kiafar and Giusy Guerriero.

The due salute to some of the great scholars who has not yet been given due recognition is shown in some of the buildings of the Eighth Municipal.

All this can be admired in an area that was once the area of ​​great men of science – in the urban quarter adjacent to Falco San Paolo – which winds from Via Enrico Fermi and Via Vito Volterra, near the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Rome Tri. .

from now on – As you can see in the photos and videos of Marco Simone – Celebrating some women scientists thanks to the artistic initiative called “MA®T – Millennials A®t Work “redesigned with gorgeous murals The geographical names of the capital with the participation of five artists.

On the walls on the Largo Giuseppe Veratti line, the MA®T 2022 gives life to a new path of public art And awareness through the images of women of science who changed society.

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Sometimes it is about characters who in the past did not get the correct recognition and therefore find their place.

They will always be remembered in the urban fabric of this quarter of the capital, motivating future generations to do the same.

In order to achieve the three interfaces, each artist was inspired by a specific theme, starting with The life of Laura Bassi, Italian physicist and academic, One of the first female graduates in the world and one of the first women to hold a university chair, however, no street is dedicated to him to this day in Rome – just a small park not far from Largo Ferrati.

Street Art: A Tribute to the Great Women of Science in Falco San Paolo (Video) 2

In addition to Laura Bassey, Rame13 honors others with his work Three scholars are Rosalind Franklin, Cecilia Payne and Hypatia.

Giusy Guerriero is also inspired by Rosalind Franklin, while between poetry and street art Giulia Ananìa, Martina Cips De Maina and Zara Kiafar meet work dedicated to women and space.

Not just street art. MA®T 2022, like every year, also becomes an opportunity to discover the neighborhood, collect its stories and tell the new Women’s Geographical Names project using Open MA®T: November 11-13, 3 open days to meet and compare audiences, operators and citizens.

Street Art: A Tribute to the Great Women of Science in Falco San Paolo (Video) 3

On Saturdays, at 11.00 and 15.00, the Open MA®T promotes guided tours to discover the works created.conducted by a team under 25 from the public domain and by and students of schools that participated in the project, While on November 13 At 11:00 came the turn of the public meeting “Scienzia(r)te: images, public art, and streets that speak of women in the world of science” organized by Public Domain in cooperation with the 8th municipality.

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On the last day of Sunday the 13th of November In addition to the local associations managing urban parks and Verratti Park – a commission that builds up uncultivated space and make it green and the Cuore Sociale Association – in affinity with the themes covered by the project, the Global Shapers, Eikon and Venus Associations, also Nenet Dorma, female toponyms.

Photos and videos of Marco Simone

This is the complete program with days and times

Saturday 12 November 2022

11:00 am

Anima Urbis: Guided Tours

Departure: Verratti Park – 00146, Town Hall VIII, Rome

Mobile visit organized by the public domain

Length: 60′

15:00 – 16:15

Women in the World of Science: A Guided Tour

Departure: Verratti Park – 00146 MUNICIPIO VIII, Rome

Length 75 ′

Sunday 13 November 2022

11:00 am

“Scienzia(r)te: Images, public art, streets that speak of women in the world of science”

In Largo Giuseppe Veratti – 00146, 8th Commune, Rome

A public meeting organized by the public domain in cooperation with the eighth municipality.


Anima Urbis: Guided Tours

Departure: Verratti Park – 00146, Town Hall VIII, Rome

Traveling visit by Domino Publico – Special Guest Julia Anania

Length: 60′

For information and reservations

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