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Heat pumps thrive in Italy but the hybrid wins out

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Heat pumps thrive in Italy but the hybrid wins out

In 2022, more than 502,000 heat pumps will be sold in Italy

( – The energy crisis has given a generous boost to the electricity market heat pumps In Italy And in the rest of Europe. Information that was already expected in recent weeks by SolarPower Europe and which showed in its report “Solar Power Heats 2023” the gains obtained by European families thanks to this combination PV with heat pumps. But today some data from the International Energy Agency (IEA) confirms this.

Analysts Yannick Monchauer, Chiara Delmestro, and Rafael Martinez-Gordon Recently published a comment On this subject, evaluate new sales and market segments. The starting figure is given by the European Heat Pumps Association which according to them in Europe last year approx 3 million units, up 38% from the previous year. Record amount according to historical trends, able to Replace about 4 billion cubic meters of natural gas. Countries such as Poland accelerated purchases, which recorded a 100% increase over sales in 2021, followed by the Czech Republic (99%) and the Netherlands (+80%). But if you count the number of new devices, Italy, France and Germany They alone accounted for nearly half of all new European purchases, respectively with more than 502 thousand 462 thousand 236 thousand units.

Air to air or air to water?

in terms of new sales Explaining the three analysts. The Nordic countries and the Baltic countries have the largest share of air-to-air unit, which accounts for about 50-80% of the installations. Likewise, the purchase of these units is also high in Southern Europe. In Germany and Poland, heat pumps air water They are the preferred technology. the hybrid systems, which combine heat pumps with gas boilers, are widespread for example in Italy where they account for more than 40% of sales in the air-to-water sector in 2022. Ground source and water heat pumps are the most efficient and most expensive models. The need for earthworks and additional space means it now accounts for less than 10% of European sales.”

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