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List of films shown in Riccione [CINÉ]

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Among the many distribution companies that have submitted their price lists to Cinema – Cinema days in Riccione (Here’s all the news about it), there was also room for Cinema wanteda reality that aims to offer viewers “high-end” and original cinema, out of the box.

However, Communications Director Beatrice Moya announced from the stage a turning point in the selections of wanted persons.With the aim of reaching a wider audience. This is without distorting our editorial lineThere are five titles that will be released to cinemas in the coming months:

  • The taste of happiness (31 August), a comedy between France and Japan, with Gerard Depardieu as a distinguished chef searching for his new place in the world;
  • walking speed (September 28) with Jean Dujardinadapted from the book of the same name by Sylvain Tesson published in 2016, about a writer who undertakes a 1,300 km trek on foot across France in order to truly heal himself after an accident that left him in a coma (in France, the film has already been released and has scored over a million view) ;
  • Part Norwegian black comedy and part body horror mental patient (October)
  • An Australian horror visionary blazewhich also boasts music by Nick Cave;
  • The sky is burning (December), a new film by acclaimed director Christian Petzold, presented and appreciated at the recent Berlin Film Festival

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