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Malcolm MacDowell Receives Mole Star Award at Turin Film Festival: ‘What a surprise Turin was, I thought it was ugly’

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On the 40th anniversary of the Turin Film Festival, the «Stella della Mole» award was presented today to the Museum of Cinema, to Hollywood star Malcolm MacDowell. The actor said he was surprised by the beauty of Turin: «During the Turin Film Festival, I had the pleasure of staying in the city. Turin also has this wonderful Museum of Cinema: I have been to many in the world but nothing compares to the beauty of this museum. Your city is really great, I’m sorry to leave Turin. I thought I saw a city very similar to Manchester, I thought only cars were made in Turin. Indeed it is a beautiful and elegant city, the most beautiful city in Italy ».

“The first prize winner was Isabella Rossellini in 2020 during the TFF Festival, in the midst of the pandemic. After her, great artists such as Monica Bellucci, Xavier Dolan and Dario Argento were honored. Now it is the turn of Malcolm MacDowell, a remarkable figure and a true icon of world cinema, who with his interpretations marked not only the history of the seventh art, but also and above all the collective imagination of different generations ».

In his long career, Malcolm McDowell has starred in 270 films. For the general public, he will always be identified with Alex DeLarge in a Stanley Kubrick movie Clockwork Orangebut his fame as a versatile actor is associated with the most diverse films, from tiger kiss Written by Paul Schrader A Intrigue in Hollywood Written by Blake Edwards, DA damn it by Sergio Setti, a The supporters by Robert Altman E Halloween by Rob Zombie. Among his many awards, the European Silver Ribbon in 2005 Evelenko by David Jericho.

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