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The Rise of Palermo and Catania: Sicilian Football’s Moment

Let’s start from the past: March 2, 2010, File Catania hostedInterwhich a few months later would win awards triple. soldier He brought the Nerazzurri forward, an advantage that was short lived, given that the Sicilians managed a sensational comeback thanks to goals from Max LopezAnd mascara And Martinez. You don’t live on memories but that’s almost all that remains of Sicilian football, many years away from Serie A.

An area that made history in our football. Just think of European companies Palermo Mauritius Zamparini who, after his return to Serie A, after more than thirty years of absence, managed to magically reach fifth place in the league that earned him a place in Europe, or in Catania From the Argentines, led by Diego Simon.

These exploits can only be seen as memories, given that Sicilian teams have been away from Serie A for so long. But after terrible years, culminating in relegation, bankruptcy and corporate scandals, this region is finally slowly starting to recover, with the aim of returning to the most important Italian league.

Eduardo Lancini, Palermo, livephotosport

The reality of Palermo, from bankruptcy to the dream of the Italian league

Let’s start with the history of the past PalermoIt was on May 28, 2017 when Rosanero played his last match in Serie A againstEmpoliDisputed amidst thousands of controversies over the so-called “umbrella” or contribution given to the three teams that descended among the students.

This match is also the last success of the Palermitans in the first division: in fact, the Sicilian team managed to beat the Tuscans 2-1. Triumph was useless, however, because it was croton David NicholasOn the final day, defeating Lazio 3-1.

the following year Palermo He immediately came close to promotion, but the fans’ dreams were shattered by defeat in the final against Frosinone. After that match, the real decline of the Rosanero began. Actually a club Zamparini It was hit by several financial crises and the following year the Sicilians received a penalty of 20 points in the championship and official relegation to Serie C for administrative offenses and false accounting.

Maurizio Zamparini, former president of Palermo, Twitter
Maurizio Zamparini, former president of Palermo, Twitter

In fact, the punishment imposed was the beginning of the end, since October 18, 2017 AD Palermo declared bankrupt By the Court of Palermo, Mauritius Zamparini Bankruptcy will be investigated. A punishment that worried and hurt fans, who did not expect such a tragic ending.

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Having reached the lowest point and cruelly accepting the punishment imposed, al Palermo And his wonderful fans, there is nothing left to do but face the rise. Actually in 2019, the Rosanero company that Tony bought that year from the arena It is Darius Merry, ready to face the Serie D championship for the first time. The year that turned out to be very positive for the Sicilians because, due to the pandemic, the company had an official promotion that brought the rosanero back to Serie C.

Dario MeriTwitter
Dario MeriTwitter

In Series C the Palermo He stayed for only two years, which confirms the great work done by the management and above all by Dario Merry, who in the meantime remained alone at the helm of the club. Indeed, in the 2020-2021 season, Rosanero placed itself in seventh place in the standings, managing to reach the play-offs to go to Serie B. In that season, the Sicilians only had to surrender toAvellino in the round of sixteen of the qualifiers.

But the next year was a dedication to the amazing administrative work of the Sicilian leadership. In reality Palermo to Merrywhich in that season finished third in the standings, managed to obtain qualification in the Second Division, by defeating in the final over Padua. The credit for this massive promotion goes above all to Matteo Bronoriwho scored 29 goals between the championship and play-offs that season.

Matteo Brunori in Palermo in the 2021-2022 livephotosport season
Matteo Brunori in Palermo in the 2021-2022 livephotosport season

An achievement that distinguished the chief in particular Merrywhich during an interview with ForbesHe expressed his feelings about being promoted to the second division.Promotion to the second division was the sporting culmination of a three-year spell. However, I would like to stress that I am very proud to have restored dignity to the club, and to have built a transparent company, with regulated accounts, an exceptional reputation and with always guaranteed participation of the fans.

Back to the present day, currently after a rough start due to adapting to the league, the Palermo He finally found the right balance and is now fighting for a place in the playoffs to go to Serie A. city soccer clubat the moment they are in eighth place in the standings with 42 points obtained and 10 wins obtained in the second division championship. Corineis Matthew BronoriThe Italian-Brazilian scored 14 goals in 29 seasonal matches.

Promotion of Catania festivities *
Promotion of Catania festivities *

Reality of Catania, from bankruptcy to return to professions

As for Palermoas well Catania Now he has been missing in Serie A for a long time, 9 years. In fact, the last season in the Italian Premier League for Etna players was the 2013/2014 season where they were relegated after gaining only 18 points. Relegation halted a streak of 8 consecutive years in Serie A.

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After this relegation, years of hell would begin for the Rossazurri fans as in their first season in Serie B, the players of Catania closed out the championship by placing themselves in 15th place. A disappointing year for the blue and red players who, in addition to poor positioning, at the end of the season would end up at the center of a scandal due to some match-fixing aka “target trains”.

Francesco Lodi (Catania) *
Francesco Lodi (Catania) *

A bad football story doomed the Sicilians to promotion to Lega Pro with 9 penalty points and at the end of the era. dustyWho decided to resign after 11 years of presidency while remaining the owner of the club.

after a heavy landing Catania She went towards a disastrous tournament, saving herself from the dangers of the playoffs only on the final day. After a transitional season, in 2017-2018, the people of Etna, under the guidance of monkthey came close to losing the second division semi-final against Sienna penalty shootout. The same fate also befell the following season as they were again eliminated in the semi-finals, but this time with Trapani.

In the 2019-2020 season, all the financial and economic problems of the clubs began to appear dusty was the owner. Indeed, at the end of the season, the Rossaurus in Catania also risked bankruptcy, which they managed to avoid after a group of entrepreneurs from Catania known as SIGI They bought the club through a tender announced by the Court of Catania. Thus ended the era of one of the longest-lived owners in the Etna region, after 16 years.

Catania Fans *
Catania Fans *

acquisition by SIGI From the club was only a temporary solution since after the first positive season, in the 2021-2022 season after an unsuccessful change of ownership, Catania declared bankrupt on December 22, 2021. However, the team continued to play in the league until April 9 when Etna players were disqualified from the third division 4 days after the end of the season. normal season.

After being excluded from Serie C 2021-2022, the municipality of Catania has taken steps to entrust the acquisition of the Catania team to a new entity. Later the commune was entrusted with titles Catania For Australian businessman Ross Pleiagra Who managed to officially register the Etna team in the 2022-2023 Second Division Championship. Starting an Australian Entrepreneur is an excellent start because with 6 days in advance, the Catania He mathematically won his group, and thus immediately returned to the pros.

Marco Palermo (Catania SSD)*
Marco Palermo (Catania SSD)*

Not only Catania and Palermo, the other realities of Sicilian football

Of course, the history of Sicilian football is not based solely on facts Palermo to Corine Born in Catania by Ferraro. In fact, in addition to these two, we have a certain importance between the teams in the area we find comp MessinaAnd Trapani And Syracuse who also boast a strong following among Sicilian fans.

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the Messina In fact it is the only Sicilian team besides that Palermo And Catania To have participated in at least one Italian Serie A championship, to be exact 10. The last season in the first Italian category of the Giallorossi dates back to the 2006-2007 season. However, today the Sicilian company is still in Serie C in the 18th place in the Group C standings.

for any concern Syracusethe Sicilian team boasts 7 seasons in Serie B and is known for its honest and hot derbies with Catania. Now, however, Azzurri plays for Eccellenza waiting to return to important football. Finally, the TrapaniThe Sicilian club boasts five participations in the Italian Cadet Championship, the last of which dates back to the 2019-2020 season. Grenadiers were declared bankrupt Starting with the second division, the championship in which they are currently playing.