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“This movie is a miracle. I’ve been living in Lisbon for 8 years, I didn’t expect it.”

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“This is the most autobiographical and honest film in which I talk a lot about myself and in a way that is nothing but humble.” word Bobby Avatiwhich in Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeHis 43rd cinema and 64th film (in theaters May 4) returns to his native Bologna to tell a poignant story of dreams and failures, indelible love and overwhelming friendships. With the great step-up of gentlemen’s cinema based on universal sensibilities, alternating between the eighties and the new millennium and an unexpected cast, in the best tradition of the 84-year-old director: Edwige Fenechreturned to cinema after 16 years; Pop star Ludo Guenzi (voice of the band Lo Stato Sociale), and Massimo Lopez in a dramatic version are actually protagonists with Gabriele Lafia, Cesare Pucci, Nick Russo, Camila Sirullo. In different ages, Guenzi and Lavia explain, Marzio is a musician and dreams of making it big with his friend Samuele (Russo and Lopez). Sandra (Ciraolo and Fenech) marries Marzio and wants to become a model. But a “hostile, stormy wind” sweeps everything away and after a few decades the different characters will have to chart the bitter balance of their own lives.

the most beautiful
The real surprise of the film is Edwige Fenech who is closely associated with the erotic roles of Italian b-movies that Tarantino also loves (Giovannona Coscialunga, Ubalda Ubalda, The Teacher, The Police…), playing the mature Sandra with strength, humility and a good dose of perplexity. Avati reveals that the film recalls his love story with his wife Nicola (Sandra in the novel) “the most beautiful girl in Bologna”, whom he married on June 24, 1964, according to the liturgy precisely on the Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. “So I could only choose Edwige, the most beautiful woman of the time,” explains the director.

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Dressed in a gorgeous pink pantsuit and trainers, the 74-year-old actress isn’t hiding her feelings. “This film is a miracle,” he said, “I did not expect to return to acting, I have been living in Lisbon for eight years and I thought I was done with cinema. I had some offers recently, but none of them were worth considering.”

Phone call
Then, one day, an unexpected phone call from Avati shatters his certainty. “He told me about the movie that suggested me the role of Sandra and I almost didn’t believe it,” says the actress. “I started jumping for joy around the house with my cat Chloe. I’ve made many movies, and I’m happy with my career but I’ve been waiting for a character like this for years.” Why? I’m no longer a little girl but a mature woman and I finally have the chance to not focus on my physique like I once did.” Avati jokes, “This is the first movie where he doesn’t take a shower.” To tell the truth in a sequence (quote?) Edwige would love to do that, but he’s broke. … Sunday the 14th of Ordinary Time could mark the beginning of a new career.”If I get other offers right I’ll be ready to return to the screen,” assures the actress, “an excellent signal comes from the Academy Awards that went to sixty-year-old Michelle Yeoh years, a dear friend of mine who congratulates, and jamie lee curtis. The audience is largely made up of mature women who want to see themselves represented on screen. That is why more than 60 actresses like Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren work so much… I don’t expect an Oscar please, but there are many awards in Italy as well ».

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the alien
The presence of unusual actors is a constant in Avati cinema: in the past, “not without causing initial bewilderment in the producers”, the director brought to the screen such “exotic” characters as Neri Marcoré, Cesare Cremonini, Katia Ricciarelli, Massimo Boldi and Renato Puzzetto in a key dramatic. “I intend to expand the casting table, which is always very short,” he explains, “there is a line in front of Favino’s door: for heaven’s sake, he’s very good but he can’t shoot all the films. There are a lot of other talents unjustly forgotten. I also focus on their desire to get compensation.”

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