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Russian reconnaissance aircraft violated Swedish airspace. Stockholm: “Unacceptable, we will act against”

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It is a confrontation between Russia and Sweden. The Stockholm defense announced that a Russian reconnaissance plane had violated Swedish airspace. It happened on Friday night, when the plane passed south of Blekinge, in Sweden the South. This is the AN-30 propeller model used for the reconnaissance. An episode that occurred at a crucial moment, when the Scandinavian country contemplates joining NATO.

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Russian plane in Sweden what happened

The plane was intercepted east of Bornholm, an island in Denmark in the Baltic Sea, and headed for Swedish territory. He briefly penetrated the Stockholm area and then left the area. “We followed and filmed what happened,” the Swedish armed forces wrote on their website.

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Swedish Defense Minister: “We will act against”

Swedish Defense Minister Peter Holtqvist condemns the incident. In a text message to the Dutch daily Aftonbladet, he wrote that it was absolutely unacceptable to violate Swedish airspace. Of course we will act diplomatically against this. This procedure is unprofessional and, given the general security situation, is totally inappropriate. Swedish sovereignty must always be respected.” The Gripen plane was sent from Sweden when it became clear that the Russian plane had planned the route into the airspace of the Scandinavian country.

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Why was the Russian plane in Sweden?

Aftonbladet contacted armed forces spokeswoman Therese Fagerstedt to understand why the Russian plane was in Sweden. “We can’t say anything about it now. It is being analyzed and prepared about what it really is and the reasons behind it.” Vagerstede says intrusion into airspace is always a serious accident. “It is not that a person from any country can appear on Swedish soil without permission and after That is what the armed forces will do.”

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Sweden’s steps towards NATO

These are important days for Sweden, which together with Finland decides whether to join Boy. A choice that could already be made over the next few weeks. “I think our process will be fastFinnish Prime Minister Sanna Marinin said at a press conference in Stockholm during the visit. In Europe, on the other hand, there is a completely new security situation after the start of the war in Ukraine. So when can he join NATO? According to Swedish newspaper SvD, Swedish Minister Magdalena Andersson’s goal could be to apply for membership as early as June this year.

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