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Netflix arrives, exciting TV series: Users aren’t in the skin

Netflix arrives, exciting TV series: Users aren’t in the skin

Netflix arrives, an exciting TV series: Users aren’t in the skin. It will be inspired by a very famous video game in the world

The American streaming platform wants to continue the successful intersection between video games and TV series. In this case, it is about reproducing the Dragon Age story.

Netflix (AnsaFoto)

Recently, the transition has enjoyed great success From video games to TV seriesEspecially in the young world. Being able to find your favorite characters from the games On broadcast platforms or in the cinema is especially welcome. It’s a bit like years ago, when we moved from animation to movie, now times are predicting this. Just to meet the trend, during Geeks Week 22And the Netflix And the BioWare Announced the birth of the animated series Age of the Dragon: Forgiveness. This is a new look that will debut on the American giant next December.

To work on cognition with Netflix It will be the production house BioWare (Creator of the award-winning Dragon Age video game franchise.)

Dragon Age: Forgiveness Happens in Tevinter It will feature many new characters inspired by the story, including elves, wizards, knights, kunari, red knights, demons, and more. To find out more in-depth details, we will have to wait a little longer and be patient.

Exciting TV series arrives on Netflix: Dragon Age will be released in December

Dragon Age
Dragon Age, a new Netflix series (Image: Facebook)

The popular video game was first dated 2009 And over the course of the 13 years, the franchise has garnered countless awards. next chapter of Dragon Age, Dragon Age Dry Wolf, It will be a single player experience that will build more on this amazing adventure while maintaining a strong connection with the traditions of others.

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The fantasy universe of the Dragon Age is inspired by Imitation of European imagination. It develops in an environment located within a continent Thedasonce under the base From the Teventer Empire (inspired by the Roman Empire) but fragmented after many wars. In addition to humans, they also move in the fantasy world of the game Dwarves, giants, elves, demons and dragons. All in the context of great places, with stunning views, which over the years have become increasingly spectacular.