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Football, Paris Saint-Germain player Sergio Rico woke up from a coma

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Finally, some good news has arrived about the health conditions of Paris Saint-Germain reserve goalkeeper Sergio Rico. The extreme defender of the Parisians, who had a riding accident at the end of May and fell into a coma, has seen his conditions improve in the past few hours. On Monday, the doctors of the intensive care unit of the Virgen del Rocio Hospital in Seville decided to reduce the doses of anesthesia for the Spanish goalkeeper who brought him out of a coma.

Sergio Rico is currently communicating with gestures

Sergio Rico has been out of an induced coma since the accident. His family decided in recent days not to issue any further medical reports until his health condition changes and “on June 19 we can say that Sergio Rico came out of the coma while he was awake, opened his eyes and recognized his relatives”. Moreover, the soccer player communicated with gestures because his vocal cords could be affected by many days of intubation. His wife, Alba Silva, spoke to the media upon her arrival at the hospital, was cautious but happy and thanked the medical team: “Well, we are still there, we are taking small steps forward, we are already seeing the light. And little by little I already knew from the beginning that it would continue, but little by little For something you have to be patient.”

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