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They want us to spend more resourceful

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Most of us go to the supermarket almost every day. Many people shop more than once a week. Being a place we frequent a lot, we should get to know it better. In fact, there are some small marketing tricks that we may not know about.

Look at this product in the supermarket, There are some tricks that make us spend more. Let’s see what they are. . wine bottles

Beware the supermarket, there are some tricks that make us spend more

For many, this will probably be taken for granted But for others it will be a little new discovery. supermarkets They use different marketing strategies It would drive the customer to buy more products and thus increase spending. In this case, We are not talking about tricks or deceptionbut more simply of advertising and strategies that attract those who enter the supermarket. A technique that marketing departments use to entice the customer to buy, and even the supermarket, like any existing store, uses this option.

Beware of liquor in the supermarket: it can make us spend more

When we go shopping, we may encounter many scams can lead us to Spend more money is expected. For example, we should take a closer look at the bags containing our favorite cookies. It is said that Her color is a real marketing strategy Which leads us to buy them a lot. Another, perhaps less well-known, trick has to do with our beloved wine. In fact, we should look at it more closely because Arranging these products can make us buy more expensive products.

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The wine section is perhaps the most popular section of the supermarket. Often these are the products that many of us make They buy every week and attract a lot of customers. In this case, however, we should take a closer look at their ranking, because There are many tricks that you may not know yet.

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especially, We will be able to easily notice it at different points of sale or supermarkets, that there is a selection of wines very far from each other. usually The most expensive and expensive wines are contained in wooden boxes reminiscent of the idea of ​​wine bars and cellars. This vision leads the customer to cast himself on this choice, often not taking into account that there is also another option far or less cheaper products Although it is clearly less valuable. So, having said that Watch out for wine in the supermarket because there is a little marketing ploy that we should know by now.

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