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Weather warning over Tokyo. North Korea fires a missile towards Japan –

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The quiet of anti-missile sirens and loudspeaker calls for the nearest shelters: this is the scenario in Japanese prefectures potentially affected by a North Korean ballistic missile launch.

A strong condemnation of the so-called barbaric actions came from Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, following North Korea’s launch of a ballistic missile towards Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido and its northeastern Aomori prefecture. This was announced by the Japanese government, citing local newspapers.

Prefectures urge you to reach shelters

Tokyo issued an air alert, urging residents of Hokkaido and Aomori to stay indoors or go to the nearest shelters. Japan’s major railway operator has suspended high-speed Shinkansen train services in the north of the archipelago as a precaution, and an alert has been posted in the airspace affected by the missile’s path.

Probably a ballistic missile that then fell into the sea

It could have been IBM, an ICBM, Asahi TV, citing government sources, reported. So it will be a missile (short for ICBM) for long-range transportation of nuclear devices capable of reaching great heights and thus covering a range of more than 5500 km.

UN imposes sanctions on North Korea

North Korea’s missile and nuclear program is banned by the UN Security Council, which has decided to impose sanctions on the country. According to Seoul, the Pyongyang regime is completing preparations for a nuclear test, which it could conduct in the dates between this month’s Chinese Communist Party Congress and the midterm elections in the United States in November. The alarm was also sounded in South Korea, where military authorities said they had detected an unidentified missile launch from North Korea in the direction of Japan.

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US with Japan and South Korea for ‘appropriate response’

The US Pacific and Indian Ocean Command condemned North Korea’s missile test to Japan, stressing that “Japan and South Korea’s defense commitments will remain unchanged.” It also warned the US to refrain from further illegal and destabilizing initiatives, as the White House said the US consulted with Japan and South Korea to get a “strong” response following the launch of a North Korean ballistic missile in Japan on Tuesday. US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan spoke separately with his South Korean and Japanese counterparts to elicit an “adequate and robust international response” and reaffirm the United States’ “iron commitment” to the defense of Japan and South Korea. Its spokeswoman, Adrian Watson, said in a statement.

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