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Alert in supermarkets, its cost is now double: they all stock

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There is an alarm in supermarkets for the cost of the product consumed each day. The danger lies in not being able to buy it anymore, which is why everyone is trying to stock up on it.

Price hike –

between crisis and inflation, Now is the time for popular products at unimaginable prices. Especially for one of those, consumers decided to stock up on it and Put everything in stock.

High prices and the crisis have an impact on the supermarket

It is not news that this crisis is on the knees of the Italians. between inflation in Expensive high pricesFrom every point of view, we find ourselves having to contend with an increasingly tight budget.

Spending increase
Increase spending –

Supermarket shopping becomes a race to get the most advantageous offer, taking only the products you need without more any whim. A few hours ago, news of the product, one of the most used in Italy, saw its original price go up: Storage is possible, but not forever.

The product is on the rise in supermarkets: everyone stocks it

The dear life It reduces more and more the spending of Italians. One of the most consumed products is about to exceed 2 euros per liter: We are talking about milk.

this is Alarm in supermarkets It was launched by the leading companies Granarolo and Lactalis, in order to be able to intervene as soon as possible to break market discounts and marketing strategies.

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Their goal is to make Draghi government Ask yourself a question, taking immediate action to counter the consequences that are nothing short of catastrophic (according to the media’s joint press release).

Expensive ticket cost
Dear . Shopping receipt

Companies highlighted Milk price hike For the consumer, according to Nielsen data – up to 1.80 per liter. The increase continues and is expected to reach €2 per liter by December 2022.

The Head of Granarolo Gianpiero Calzolari It does not fit, because an essential and important commodity of the Italian diet cannot be punished of this kind. He also reported that the increase in energy costs had a devastating effect on the company. For this reason, the two giants are asking for united voices to take immediate action, avoiding any kind of speculative phenomenon until the final shutdown of the companies.

What are the reasons for this excess milk? First of all, animal feed, drought and the consequent rise in milk prices for farmers. We’re not just talking about the product, but also the packaging and distribution even if the giants point out that expensive energy is the main reason for everything.

drink milk
Drink milk

Coldiretti books a series of files awesome data The explosion of costs will result in a domino effect.

The Coldiretti Head – Brandini – declares that so far significant collaboration between industries and farmers has been important to contain the increases. But from this moment on, it will be impossible to stop the situation, because everything is like that become unsustainable. The production chain is in danger and there is talk of a system of 24,000 milk stalls, with an annual production of about 12.7 million tons And a value of 16 billion euros.

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