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It is Armando Incarnato for men and women

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He runs at 240 kilometers per hour on his motorcycle and then posts the video on Instagram. The protagonist in the video that sparked the debate is Armando Encarnato about the thrones of men and women.

A motorcycle that runs at insane speeds of up to 240 kilometers per hour. On board, a man picks up the odometer and then turns the camera toward him to show his face. The hero of the movie is Armando EncarnatoThe protagonist of the hurricane more than men and women. It was he himself who uploaded the video in question to his Instagram profile, a video that understandably caused bewilderment. “I hope everything is fake”, one user comments The man asserts that it would be fiction. But when they point out the absurdity of performing such a stunt, and then upload the video to social media, the guy loses his temper. “Don’t you go to the sea?’, asks provocatively the user who scolds him.

Armando Encarnato after the stunt: “You are a failure”

After being accused of creating and then publishing similar content, Armando responded to the criticism with the same indifference Demonstrated on several occasions men and women. No attempt to apologize, not even a shadow of backtracking. Indeed, man drowns: “You feel that you have the right to judge, insult, threaten and even wish for death; To judge children, family and all I have. The fact that I in a television context do not allow you to all this nonsense, ashamed of idiots! Note: but who are you! “.

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Who is Armando Enchernato?

The protagonist on the throne over men and women for several seasons, Incarnato became popular thanks to participation in the Maria de Filippi. He has yet to find a broadcast partner although there have been dozens of women he has frequented in recent years. Precisely for this reason, the man has been accused on several occasions of using a dating show as a kind of personal show that satisfies his desire to appear. Otherwise, he was challenged, he would likely have taken advantage of the dozens of acquaintances contacted to find a woman with whom to leave the program. Furthermore, Armando has been accused several times of pretending to be celibate. Claims that the man always refused, declaring that if he had found the right woman, he would have abandoned the program without attracting attention. Which has not happened yet.

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