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They line up in the field and form the letter Z

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Like gymnast Ivan Kulyak, four Russian ice hockey teams have offered the letter Z in support of Putin’s military operation. They did this by organizing hateful dances. “I am shocked,” is the reaction of a Swedish player who returns to the dressing room.

The character Zeta formed by the players of the two Russian teams Pandey, an ice system very similar to hockey.

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gymnast Ivan Kulyak, on the World Cup podium with a Z knit on the racing uniform badge. The words of the national team technicians for understanding and participation, about that “patriotic” gesture towards his country, or unacceptable jokes. And now, the dramatic launch of four Bandy formations – a type of ice hockey – lined up, shortly before the match, to form the same letter that has become a symbol of the Russian military and Putin’s war against Ukraine.

Sports “over the curtain”marginalized and excluded from any competition, becomes the protagonist of countless support for his country and, at the same time, solemn protest against the decisions and sanctions (also) taken by the international federations against the Russians: from football to other disciplines the exclusion was so total that the states concerned (Belarus as well as Russia itself) to create alternative leagues as a form of reaction to the ostracism he suffered.

Kolya proudly displayed the logo on her bathing suit while her anthem was played. Around his neck he was awarded the bronze medal and next to him was the Ukrainian opponent who won the gold medal. Boldness and bravery, an act of defiance after his provocation (he justified the gesture in this way), helped him to remain there without any hesitation despite the tragic situation due to the escalation of the conflict. SKA Neftyanik, Dinamo Moscow, Vodnik and Kuzbas (the champions of the two matches of the Russian Hockey League) were not far behind and made a more pronounced rebellious gesture: before their matches, the players of the four clubs formed the letter Z on the ice field.

The pregnant woman who was injured in the bombing of Mariupol Hospital died with her baby

According to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, not all athletes participated and participated in this expression of support for the military operation launched by the Kremlin. Simon Jansson, a Cosbas player, was embarrassed by the position of his teammates and returned to the locker room. “I was shocked by what happened,” the Scandinavian’s words were emotionally touched by the move. However, another person, such as Finn Thomas Mata, a member of the Neftjanik, took part in the demonstration in support of the Russian army.

Such an event is not surprising, to explain that it is the history of some of the clubs involved: Dynamo Moscow was a direct emanation of the Soviet regime in the Cold War era as well as Naftanek born as a team of the Soviet Army.

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