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Italian Paralympic Committee – Ice Hockey, Turin International: Italy on the field against Norway and the Czech Republic

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After two years of forced hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was one of the most anticipated and exciting sporting events Paralympic Games Program: January 23-28, the Ice skating rink “Tazzoli” From Via Sanremo 67, in Turin, hosts the tenth edition of International Ice Hockey ChampionshipIt happened dedicated to memory To Italy’s unforgettable captain and Sitting Bulls player Andrea “Ciaz” Chiarotti. Organized event Sportmore sponsored Piemonte regionfrom Turinfrom Metropolitan city of Turinfollower CIP – Italian Paralympic Committee Based on fisg.

Some of the strongest European teams in Paralympic ice hockey will be facing each other: these are the hostsItalycoming back from an excellent fifth place obtained at the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics after coming close to a bronze medal in Pyeongchang 2018, from Norway Based on Czech Republic. The three teams will take part in what should, for all intents and purposes, be considered a public rehearsal Ice Hockey World Championshipsscheduled for late May in Canada.

The tournament includes a Introductory session Where the three teams will face each other twice: 3 points will be awarded for a win in regular time, 2 points for a win in overtime or on penalties, 1 point for a loss in extra time or on penalties, 0 points for a loss during regular time. The first ranked national team will qualify directly to the very final On Saturday the 28th, while the second and third will play access to the decisive match in Semi-finals On Friday, January 27th.

Azure band It will consist of 15 components, including those in Turin Gabriel Arudu (Doorman), Eusebio Antucci And Andrea Macro (accused) of Sportdipiù sitting bulls. Together with them the second guard Santino stiltano (The army of Brancaleone Polha Varese) Defenders Gianluca Cavalier (South Tyrol Eagles – South Tyrol Paralympic Sports Group), Alex Enderle (South Tyrol Eagles – South Tyrol Paralympic Sports Group) e Bruno Palocetti and attackers Christophe Dipaoli (South Tyrol Eagles – South Tyrol Paralympic Sports Group), Niels Larch (South Tyrol Eagles – South Tyrol Paralympic Sports Group), Stephen Caveman (South Tyrol Eagles – South Tyrol Paralympic Sports Group), Alessandro Andreone (Army Brancaleone Polha Varese), Francis Torella (South Tyrol Eagles – South Tyrol Paralympic Sports Group), Robert Root (Army Brancaleone Polha Varese), Matthew Remoty (South Tyrol Eagles – South Tyrol Paralympic Sports Group) e Igor Stella (Army Brancaleone Polha Varese).

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To lead the team there will be another Turenne, a candidate Coach Last year in place of Massimo da Rinne: he is the former coach of Sportdipiù Tori Seduti and the former assistant coach of the national team. Mirko Bianchi: «2022 – Announce – It was a year of technical changes that led to a delay in preparation: the recent tournament in Canada was a lesson for us to gain awareness of our starting level and the need to operate in a certain way in light of the World Cup. We still have a few months to go and the tournament in Turin will be a test to see the progress of the team against very strong national teams like Norway, which we will also face in Canada; For our part, we will have to participate in trying to improve both from the point of view of the sporting condition and from the technical point of view. Leading the national team is a big challenge for me. I know the movement and the boys well, important dates await us and the road will be long: with a few players we will have to raise the level of those we have to reach in preparation for the Milan and Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics ».

Tournament schedule

Monday 23 January

10 am – Czech Republic – Italy

6 pm – Italy – Norway

Tuesday 24 January

10 am – Italy – Norway

18.00 – Czech Republic – Norway

Wed 25 Jan

10 am – Italy – Czech Republic

18.00 – Norway – Czech Republic

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Friday, January 27th

10 a.m. – Semi-finals 2 vs. 3 seed

Saturday 28 January

10 a.m. – Final 1 seed vs. semi-final winner

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