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One of the classics of rink hockey, Monza-Vercelli, concludes the first day’s programme

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From 8.15pm, an intense preliminary match awaits FISR adjournment

Jump into the past to relive the eternal challenges between two cities as the wheels ran through the pages of sporting stories and results that brought rink hockey to the forefront on a national level. Diving into memories and the past, but currently the two cities are represented by two companies that are trying, with all the daily problems, to rebuild that bright past. TeamServiceCar vs. Engas, Monza vs. Vercelli, the first “FISR postponement” of the season. FISR has been postponed because the format of the match, specified in the postponement, will be of interest to whoever is hosting the event. A traveling tour that starts tomorrow will touch on all fourteen tracks that will tell their story with their heroes on the track but above all off the track, crossing past history with current history, with the aim of making our sports system increasingly popular. A wide-ranging preliminary match from 8.15pm with the team champions organizing the postponement, with the votes of those on the inside, behind the first team. With Francesco Ferrari and with the help of the host club, during this period we will talk in depth about the work and history of Italian clubs.
An important moment for the two clubs from Zone 1 (Lombardy-Piedmont), the first appearance in the 101st Championship which coincides with a confrontation between two teams that want to enter the playoffs at any cost. Two teams that have shuffled their lineups over the summer but already have a unified structure, at least among their key players, and between the two, Vercelli has changed the most. Colamaria vs. Crodelli, two not very different hockey philosophies and at the same time two charismatic people in this sport that has made them champions on wheels for thirty years. There have been four meetings between the two teams but many still remember the last match in the preliminary round of the second leg which the yellow team won 119 seconds ago and the recent tensions between the two head coaches which cost them a red card each. . Vercelli won 4-3 in the two play-off matches with Tatarani as the main protagonist (3 goals), while the tournament was won 4-2 at PalaBiassono and the second leg at PalaPregnolato ended 5-5. The tug of war will continue this season, supported by two of the most passionate fans in the entire tournament.

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Lodi Sarzana has been postponed to a specific date
On Saturday and Sunday, we return to the field with three matches, while three other matches will be postponed to the following Wednesday due to the first qualifying round for the Champions League, where four teams will try to pass the round to the second stage, i.e. Follonica. They will play in La Roche-sur-Lyon (France), Edelfox Grosseto in Nuissy-le-Grand (France), Gamma Innovation Sarzana in Igualada (Spain), and Why Sport Valdaño in Coutras (France). Also on Wednesday, the Lodi Sarzana match was supposed to be played but due to the stadium being unavailable for up to a month, due to internal adaptation works on the structure and consequently the consequent absence of spectators, the match was postponed to a specific date. It is set.

All matches will be broadcast live in HD on the FISR Hockey Track YouTube channel, All official results are live By midday the next day, all the race highlights and hot interviews from the track will also be included on the Youtube channel.

Championship presentation and lists see this article – 2023-24 %20n-101.html?Itemid=329

Guide to the A1-A2-B-AF Women’s Championship

Julian Tamburendighi (TeamServiceCar Monza), Mattia Verona and Massimo Tatarani (Ingas Vercelli) – Photo credit: Massimiliano Ugliari

Series A1 Championship – Day 1 – Program and judges

FISR postponed – Wednesday 11 October 2023 – 8.45pm – PalaBiassono di Biassono (MB)
HRC Monza Car Service Team – Ingas H. Vercelli
Referee: Filippo Fronte from Novara and Edoardo D’Alessandro from Viareggio (LU)
Live link from 8.15pm
YouTube Live – Commentary by Francesco Ferrari and Paolo Verdi

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Series A1 Championship – Day 1 – Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 and Faisr postponed to Wednesday 11 October

10/07/23 at 8.00 pm Indiko AFP Giovinazzo Hockey Trissino 0-12
10/07/23 at 8.45pm Why Sport HC Valdaño Telia Medical Sandrigo e. 4-4
10/07/23 at 8.45pm VenetaLab H.Breganze Porsche Center Florence VHForte 0-10
10/07/23 at 8.45pm H.Sarzana Innovation Group Thierry Chimeca Montebello e. 4-2
10/07/23 at 8.45pm Follonica H.1952 Amateurs and live in Lodi 4-3
10/8/23 at 18:00 Oberucker H. Bassano 1954 CB Grosseto 1951 2.4
11/10/23 at 8.45pm TeamServiceCar HRC Monza Ingas H. Vercelli Postponement of FISR

Overall ranking –

# a team points Games played Goal difference Last 3 races
1 Hockey Trissino 3 1 12 Fifth
2 Porsche Center Florence VHForte 3 1 10 Fifth
3 H.Sarzana Innovation Group 3 1 2 Fifth
4 Follonica H.1952 3 1 1 Fifth
5 Edelfox CB Grosseto 1951 3 1 2 Fifth
6 Telia Medical Sandrigo e. 1 1 0 s
7 Why Sport HC Valdaño 1 1 0 s
8 Ingas H. Vercelli 0 0 0
9 TeamServiceCar HRC Monza 0 0 0
10 Oberucker H. Bassano 1954 0 1 -2 s
11 Amateurs and live in Lodi 0 1 -1 s
12 Thierry Chimeca Montebello e. 0 1 -2 s
13 VenetaLab H.Breganze 0 1 -10 s
14 Indiko AFP Giovinazzo 0 1 -12 s

Ranking of scorers
Panini Davide (Folonica Hockey) and Federico Ambrosio (VH Forte) 3 goals

Series A1 – 2 ChampionshipMatch – Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th and postponed European Cups Wednesday 18th October

14/10/23 at 8.45 pm Porsche Center Florence VHForte Oberucker H. Bassano 1954
14/10/23 at 8.45 pm VenetaLab H.Breganze Ingas H. Vercelli
10/15/23 at 18:00 Thierry Chimeca Montebello e. TeamServiceCar HRC Monza
18/10/23 at 8.45 pm Hockey Trissino Why Sport HC Valdaño
18/10/23 at 8.45 pm CB Grosseto 1951 Indiko AFP Giovinazzo Postponement of FISR
18/10/23 at 8.45 pm Telia Medical Sandrigo e. Follonica H.1952
Postponed to a later date Amateurs and live in Lodi H.Sarzana Innovation Group

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