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These are all the times he died

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Patrick Stewart is one of the actors who collaborated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the longest time. The man, in fact, has always been a part of the X-Men since the early 2000s, playing Professor Charles Xavier.

So over the course of the various movie seasons, like in the comics, the X-Men leader has lost his life countless times but has always managed to rise again. Specifically, Patrick Stewart had to play his character’s death four times during his collaboration with Marvel.

Over the course of many Marvel movies, Professor X-Men Xavier has been killed four times

Professor Charles Xavier-

Let’s start, then, by talking about the last movie that is part of an original trilogy dedicated to mutants, X-Men Final Clash. Here to kill Xavier without much compliments, Jean Gray had previously killed the life of another of the series’ most beloved characters, Cyclops. So, specifically, the former professor’s student would reduce the man to tiny particles by crushing him with his powers.

Even in the movie dedicated to Dr. Strange, the man will not be spared

X-Men Final Conflict-

Let’s move on to the sequel/reboot of the saga: X-Men Days of Future Past. Here, the setting will be completely different because we are talking about a world in ruins and with most of the mutants already wiped out. Therefore, the murder of Charles Xavier in this film is a group of vigilantes after the man exchanges influence with his younger version.

If possible, the most tragic fate was the man’s fate Logan As he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and because of that, he accidentally used his power to kill several other X-Men members. Therefore, the man here will be killed in cold blood by Wolverine’s clone, X-24.

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Unfortunately, Patrick Stark’s character didn’t have a happy ending in either of them Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness. Therefore, in this universe, Xavier is not in command of the X-Men but in command of the Illuminati, but this will have little effect on his fate. Due to the strength of the mental abilities of the Scarlet Witch, in fact, the latter would break his neck and be killed instantly. Among other things, this mental clash between the two once again emphasized the great strength of the protagonist Wandavision.

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