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ADSU: MORGANTE “You voted against the reopening of Centro Canada”; CECALA, “Not in ODG” | The latest news from Abruzzo

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L’AQUILA – “I’m sorry to have to respond publicly to Councilor Sekala for the eleventh time, and to note that he is taking his full time to fight against the ADSU board. Many hereditary problems. The last chance, unfortunately wasted, was voted against last October 28, at a meeting called to decide on the reopening of the Canada Multipurpose Center.

And the President of the Institute for the Study of L’Aquila University Eleana Morgante, Said the director Sarah Sekala, Based on the eligibility of the Canada Multipurpose Center to open soon.

“The last chance, unfortunately, was wasted. At a meeting last October 28, when called to decide on the reopening of Canada, he voted against. Therefore, I wonder what some words will lead to if it does not weaken the image of a regional organization called to take responsibility for such a delicate matter as the right to university education, ”Morgante emphasizes.

“In a meeting with shareholders last March, I promised to reopen the structures and we are working hard to address the security-related difficulties of the companies. I think it is appropriate to stop – Morgante continues – I would like to clarify with the student who participated in the study, but Sekala knows that he is the representative of the Senate of Education who has received a certified email in Canada asking for an explanation to the ADSU in Canada. I would have been pleased with the unanimous decision of the Board of Directors, but I see that this is not the case and I thank Vice President Antonio Benza for supporting the right choice. “

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Sekala’s Counterfly

“The president of ADSU L’AQUILA Eliana Morgante, in response to my press release this morning, told some newspapers that during the meeting on October 28, the signatories below were called to decide on the reopening of Canada and voted against.”

Subject to the preservation of my image in designated offices, in the minutes leading up to the graduation ceremony of the ADSU Board of Directors on 28 October 2021, as proof of the falsity of the declaration in his reply, “The question of Canada is not on the agenda: how can I vote for it?

However, it seems worrying that the President is unaware that the ADSU operates only through the resolutions of its governing body.

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