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Space discounts for life

Space discounts for life

Have you ever stood for Capture the perfect photojust to find it storage space from your smartphone worn out? As you know, GB is never enough: how many times have we found ourselves deleting apps to make room for photos and videos? from now on, Phone memory is full It won’t be a problem anymore: Thanks to active pCloud discountsIn fact, you will be able to guarantee an excellent storage space The cloud that will be yours foreverVery competitive price.

pCloud balances vary 65 to 80% offwith prices that They start at 199 euros for the 500GB plan at €399 for 2TB, and up to €1,190 for the dedicated 10TB plan. Never again will you have to worry about manually transferring tons of photos and videos from your smartphone to your computer, and you’ll never have to fear losing all your memories due to crashes, theft or loss: with pCloud you’ll have access to your files Always and everywhere-It does not take up more space than a simple application.

pCloud, many advantages and savings

but What makes pCloud so special? The platform offers several notable features that set it apart from other online storage solutions. For example, every file you upload to pCloud comes instantly Synchronized with all your devicesbut there are also special media tools, including file Integrated audio and video player Play your favorite music and videos straight from the cloud, complete with playlists.

there File management is simple and practical: organize your data as you prefer, restore if necessary, share whatever you want at any time thanks to shared folders or via a link, also customizable and “brandable”, back up to major platforms and social media (incl. Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook) and much more. It will be as if you always have your most important files in your pocket.

But the most remarkable thing is Security. pCloud uses a TLS / SSL protocol To ensure the safety of your information during transmission from your devices to their servers, your data is also protected by a 256-bit AES encryption, to ensure maximum protection from any danger. The platform also performs Five copies of the files on different servers.

Take advantage of the current upgrade Get your pCloud space for life today Too cheap. All plans, we remember, are lifeThis means that once you buy it, it will be yours forever and you can do whatever you want with it. You will not have any other additional costs Hidden: The only things you will have to pay for are purchases Lump sumand any additional options you want to add.

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