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Gaspard Uliel, the 37-year-old actor, died in an accident on the ski slopes. He worked for Dolan

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Gaspard Uliel is dead. the actor French King 37 years And a wonderful career in the world of cinema not only at home. Ulil died of an accident on the ski slopes in La Rosier: Collision with another skater was fatal. He was a soldier during the First World War by Jean-Pierre Jeon in the movie One long of feelings The interpretation led him to win the tsar. It was Yves Saint Laurent Directed by Bertrand Bonello. Starring as Xavier Dolan in It’s just the end of the world He again beat Cesar. In short, a boy who started in cinema at nineteen and never stopped. He shared the screen with actors such as Emmanuel Burt, Vincent Cassel and Marion Cotillard. Ulliel was also the male face of “Bleu de Chanel” in a commercial directed by Martin Scorsese. “He grew up with cinema and cinema grew up with him,” in the words of the French prime minister Jan Castex. According to French media, he collided with another skier at the crossroads of two slopes. When the rescue reached the slopes, the actor was found unconscious. Transferred by helicopter to Grenoble Hospital Center Shortly after five o’clock in the evening, his condition immediately seemed to be very serious. Then today the death announcement. An investigation has been opened into the accident.

Born into a family of fashion designers, Uliel made his debut as an actor while in high school, in the TV series woman in white. He studied cinematography at the University of Saint-Denis. He has a younger sister named Elizabeth Camille Oliel nicknamed “Lisa”. After starring in various series such as Juliet and Julian the ApprenticeJoin the movie crew Nick name (1999) His first movie. He was nominated for Cesar Awards in 2003 for Embrassez qui vous voudrez and in 2004 for Wandering Souls, only winning Best Male Promise in 2005 with One long of feelings From Jean-Pierre JouniehWhere he acted side by side Audrey Tautou.

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He later took on the role of Hannibal Lecter in the film Hannibal Lecter – The Origins of Evil, based on the novel of the same name by writer Thomas Harris and released in theaters around the world on February 9, 2007. He was initially reluctant to accept the role due to the popularity of the character thanks to Anthony, Hopkins. The following year, he joined again with Isabelle Hubert in the film Dam on the Pacific OceanHe returned with the French actress to work after 10 years in the film Eva. In his career also films and TV series. In 2014, he took on the role of a famous designer Yves Saint Laurent In the film Saint Laurent, for which he was again nominated for the Cesar Award for Best Actor. His private life often ended up on the covers. In fact, Oliel had a relationship with Cecil Cassel from 2005 to 2007, one relationship with Charlotte Casiraghi in 2007 and the other with model Jordan Crassel from 2008 to 2013. From 2013 until today he was engaged to model Gael Petrie, with whom he had a son in 2016.

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