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“We have to expect everything from Moscow,” said Avril Haines, director of US intelligence. Putin has not abandoned the idea of ​​occupying all of Ukraine.” The largest number of soldiers since the beginning of the invasion was liberated from Russia

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KIEV – The heart contains steel mill stacks rather than the aorta and veins. Conveys a sense of drama: red on a black background with the words, in English only, white: Azovstal, defenders of free MariupolO Azovstal, free the defenders of Mariupol. A huge banner covers the facades of city halls in Lviv, Kiev and many other cities. The idea is the same as that dedicated to Giulio Regeni by some Italian municipalities, we want the truth. Ukraine, on the other hand, demands freedom for its heroes.

The “Defenders of Mariupol” Yes me surrendered on May 20, After 82 days of siege
By direct order of the President. Many would rather fight to the end than give up. They knew that they were risking their lives in the dungeon for revenge or trial. They knew that they were the embodiment of the declared enemy of the special operation “De-Nazification” of Ukraine. Paratroopers, National Guard, Navy and above all the notorious Azov Regimentaccused of atrocities against the Russians of Donbass and neo-Nazi tendencies.

In Moscow, some deputies are proposing the death penalty for them. Zelensky asked to “evacuate”, but did not say the most appropriate word: “Give up”.

There are 2439 And they have fought since March 1, always under siege. They had to “buy time” to allow the rest of the country to prepare. They fought on the outskirts of Mariupol, then gradually fought in the city, and finally through the anti-atomic tunnels of Azovstal. “We obey,” said commander Denis Prokopenko.. Immediately after that, Zelensky assured him: “We’ll take them home.”

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If there was anything that could break the relationship between a selfie boss and his people, it was their fate. The country will not forgive him for this mistake. Negotiations are taking place in silence, but they are there. Wednesday First result after nearly 50 days in the cell.

In the largest prisoner exchange since the invasion, 144 Ukrainian soldiers were released from Moscow in exchange for the same number of Russians. Among the Ukrainians were 95 “defenders of Mariupol”, including 43rd Azov Regiment.

The taboo is broken. Even though the 144 were pretty much seriously injured, the idea of ​​prosecuting them is not an inalienable target.

The prisoner exchange is one of the few moves recorded yesterday, and for the US intelligence services Denny, not much can be expected in the coming weeks or months.

According to the director Avril Haines Both contenders are in poor shape. “It will take years for the Russians to recover. They will be able to advance, but in a limited way and frustration may lead them to cyber attacks, to control power grids and even Use of the atomic bomb. For their part, the Ukrainians should be able to stabilize the front and restore part of the south. The war is expected to be long, also because Although Putin has lost the ability to attack on several fronts, he has not given up on the idea of ​​occupying the entire country.“.

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